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Saturday, December 4, 2010

The tree's all in the garland

No matter what kind of ornaments that you put on a tree, that isn't really the first thing that you notice on a Christmas tree. What you really notice is all the lights and the garland that you put on it because that stuff is so much more prominent. So I really like to concentrate on the topper and all of the garland.

This year though, I kind of wanted to change the mood of the tree by making some new garland. I found all kinds of ideas online with my ClearWirelessInternet and settled on some really festive lime green garland.

While I was at it though, I made a lot of extra Christmas garland to incorporate into my holiday decor throughout the rest of my house. It really did the trick and got my all of my dŽcor in the more lively and festive direction that I was hoping for. It was starting to get a little tired and drab, so that lime green definitely perked it up! IÕll have to hang onto this garland for at least a few more years.
Guest post written by Sophie Martin

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