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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day

I sometimes think we expect too much of Christmas Day. We try to crowd into it the long arrears of kindliness and humanity of the whole year. As for me, I like to take my Christmas a little at a time, all through the year. And thus I drift along into the holidays - let them overtake me unexpectedly - waking up some fine morning and suddenly saying to myself: "Why, this is Christmas Day!

Friday, December 16, 2011


Thanks for the article from Isaiah Gaines
I was considering joining a gym but couldn't decide which one because there isn't one that is really close to my house. I mean I don't want to be paying (way-to-much) a month and never go because it is too far of a drive. The other day I was surfing channels on our Directv and found all these exercise channels that I didn't even know we had! I ended up trying a 15 minute ab builder. It was perfect because it was just the amount of time to feel like I had a workout, but not too overwhelming. It is kind of hard to do a 45 minute workout in the living room with a three year old running through the room. Little did I know how much that 15 minutes would do! I could barely get out of bed this morning my abs were so sore. I am thinking if I keep this up, I will be in bikini mode for our beach vacation. The best part is that I am not paying any extra and I don't have to leave my house.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

3D movie

Will its been 3years now since the last time I and my husband go for date? The last we go that was in 2008 when my second child was 3moth old. We went to Memphis Tennessee where my parent in-law live and drop my two little angel and we went to st. Martin for a week. After that we did not have a chance to travel again due to many circumstance that we did not predict that can happen. Perhaps last week while my parent in-law was here my husband and I take an opportunity to watch a 3D movie and it was fun. That was our first time that we watch 3D on cinema and after that we went to a nice restaurant and that was really fun. I just remember when I first meet holding hands while walking having conversation without disturbing kids.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

flowers free delivery,

Christmas is only 11 days away! Much of our holiday shopping is complete, but a few big gifts remain outstanding. We were fortunate to have my in-laws and both of my husband's grandmothers visiting with us after the Thanksgiving holiday. During their visit, I felt that I got to know each of them better and I and to get something special for both of the grandmothers. The question is, what do you get for 85 and 93 year old women who appear to have everything that they could ever want?
As the window for getting something that can be delivered on time grows short, I still have not picked-up anything for my in-laws. Recently I learned that there are options to give flowers free delivery, which would arrive just in time for the holiday. I can tell by the clothing worn by the ladies that they both like flowers. Thus, it may be the way to go. I am sure that if I include a nice card, perhaps with a recent photograph, they will both be happy. So, maybe I will hop online and place an order this weekend.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Need cheap phone card to call Philippines.

It 8:41 now here in the evening I just put my two little angel in their bed. Now that I’m a bit free I am try to chat my cousin in facebook. Since it has been a while now since the last time we have chatted. Oh! I really miss my family back in the Philippines. I love to call my father at this moment perhaps I don’t have budget to buy a phone card. I wish my father has internet at home so that I can chat him every day. As you now the other day I bought a lottery ticket and hopping that I can win. But I guess buying lottery ticket is not my luck. But I will probably buy when the jackpot prize increases. And hope that I’m the next jackpot player.

Friday, December 2, 2011

software development

Have you ever needed to hire someone to perform a task on your behalf? I find that hiring contractors or consultants of any kind can be a very challenging endeavor. The challenge generally relates to the fact that unless you have significant experience hiring for a particular task, it is difficult to ascertain what is reasonable and what is out of line.
My husband, who is a corporate attorney, was telling me recently that he was working with a client who needed to hire software developers to produce products to be utilized in certain overseas markets. The client was having trouble selecting offshore software vendors because he had never previously hired anyone to perform such services. Fortunately, there are services available that focus on the analysis of software vendor metrics. . In utilizing such services, a person or company that is interested in offshore software development can readily measure which developers are more efficient. Armed with such information, one can have comfort that it is interviewing the right entities. This type of service greatly enhances software vendor management and selection. Managing software vendors can be a very difficult process in the best of situations. Having access to a service that has previously analyzed the metrics for offshore software development is a great way to increase efficiency in the selection and eventual management of software developers.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

address plaques

The weather has now fully transitioned from summer to fall and from hot to cool. We and many of our neighbors are now taking on the last of our annual outdoor yard maintenance projects. We are especially pleased with some of the things that we accomplished this year from a home improvement perspective. In early spring, after noting that most of the curbside address signs in our neighborhood were faded, he re-painted our sign to give it a fresher look.
We then noted that many of the house address plaques in our neighborhood were also in need of some sprucing up. We did some internet research to identify a suitable replacement address plaque. We also looked around in some local hardware stores. It wasn’t that I was unhappy with our existing plaque. Instead, the focus was simply on improving and finding a manufacturer of quality address plaques.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Our Trip in Hong Kong disneland last year.

It’s almost one year now since the last time we traveled in to deferent country in Asia. I was looking at our picture that we took when we are in Hong Kong. And notice that my husband and I bought a sweater for our children while we are there in Hong Kong. Because it was a bit cold and now since it’s already cold here in the United States. I was wonder were those entire sweaters that I bought in Hong-Kong. I totally forgot all those sweaters that we got in Hong Kong. If I did not look at the pictures that we took in Hong-Kong this evening I never remember those sweaters. Anyhow I should probably start putting all the summer clothes away. So that I can pull out all the winter clothes that we got and wear them all.
Anyhow here are some pictures that we took while we are there in Hong-Kong.

Monday, November 21, 2011

company offers life insurance

We have been considering making a change to our life insurance coverage for several years now. My husband has a lot of insurance coverage through his job, but we have sometimes worried that it might not be enough if something was to happen to him and I and our children had to rely on insurance and savings to cover our basic needs. Thus we are interested in looking into what company offers life insurance coverage that best meets our insurance needs.
In recent months, we have been considering the possibility of obtaining additional or alternate life insurance policies. One invaluable tool for searching the available policies has been an online quote service offered by a certain website. The online quote system allows you to readily compare rates of different insurance providers, which is a good first step when searching for insurance.
Another useful feature is comparisons of different types of insurance coverage. Certain websites provide information regarding the difference between term life insurance versus whole life policies. Basically, I understand that term policies offer better value, but may result in a significant cost without any return if there is no claim during the term of the policy. Whole life policies, on the other hand, tend to be much more expensive, and may be beyond our budget.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

fashion boots.

Now that winter is fast approaching, it is time for our family to upgrade our shoe collection. I love shopping and love shopping for shoes more than almost any other article of clothing. Given that it is starting to get pretty cold, my first choice for a new pair would be fashion boots. Basically, I would like something that is both warm and stylish.

I would also want a pair of shoes that I can slip on easily and wear around the house. Normally, I would wear sneakers or house shoes. But I also know that certain brands tend to focus on light, comfortable shoes. Keds shoes are great examples of nice, comfortable and sometimes colorful shoes.

On the other hand, sometimes, I just feel whimsical and nonconformist. When I am in that type of mood, there is no better choice than shoes made by irregular choice. Its designs are almost always edgy and never boring.

Friday, November 18, 2011

have a great weekend everyone.

It’s only 4:29 but is already dark. I took some pictures where the son coming down. As you can see on this pictures is already dark. But the time is only 4:45 in the afternoon. Anyhow I just want to share this pictures that I took. And then I will start cooking dinner. So that is all for now have a great weekend everyone.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

plus size lingerie

Our new baby is due within a few weeks. As usual, I have put on a lot of weight relating to my pregnancy. Once the baby arrives, I expect that I will enter a long transition period during which I work to regain my original weight and size. It has always been difficult for me to find clothes that fit since I arrived in the United States. Originally, this was due to the fact that most clothing was cut for a larger sized woman and I could find few nice items that fit me well. That problem was alleviated by my discovery of petite and extra small clothing for women. Now that I am about to be a mother for the fourth time, the concern is different. At least for a while after the baby comes, I anticipate that I will be shopping for plus sizes rather than petites. One of the most fun types of clothing to buy is plus size lingerie. Sometimes, I just gaze at the pieces and wonder what it must be like to actually be able to fill such substantial bras. At least for a short time after giving birth to our child, I am able to experience first-hand what it must feel like.

Travel sharing experience from our friend from Thailand .

October 29, 2011 was one of the great days for us in coming to the U.S.A. this time. It was the day that we made special visits to several places such as Portage Northern High School , Portage Central High School, the house No. 9211 Austin Lake Drive, Austin Lake, and mom Jean Thomas' grave. The visit to Portage Northern High School and Portage Central High School brought back wonderful memories that I had during my AFS year in 1972-1973. The old buildings are still there and the new ones have been added. The flag pole at Portage Central High School has remained in the same location; however, the public highway in front of the school has been widen and the gymnasium at Portage Northern High School has remained exactly the same. The school signs of both schools have, of course, been replaced by the new ones. The visit to 9211 Austin Lake Drive was also a very remarkable one that made me proud. Dad parked the car beside the road in front of the house and Napi and I walked toward the house taking some pictures. Two trees, one being in front of the house and the other just behind the house, disappeared while the other trees remain the same. The color of the house, the white color, as well as the size of the house remains exactly the same. We were lucky to have been invited by the present owners of the house to enter the house. Surprisingly, the house seems much smaller but actually, the size remains the same. We went through the doors toward the dining room, the kitchen, the living room, the family room, the laundry room, the toilet but not the bed rooms. Much of the carpet looked exactly the same. Austin Lake is still the lake of pride, the lake of beautiful and clean water, and the lake of happiness. I remember running around the lake after school with Brad and very often with our loyal dog Bucky. However, the visit to mom Jean Thomas' grave at Three Rivers Cemetary made me sad and almost made me cry. Rick, Cheli, and Melisa had already been there waiting for us when we arrived at the grave. We laid a wreat over the grave, paid respect and then returned home. If mom Jean Thomas had not had the car accident in 1998, she would be 80 years old this year. Back to Bay City, dad and mom Sharon took us to a Japanese restaurant where food was cooked right at the table in front of our eyes. The style of cooking was so strange and amusing that could attract the customers to come here again.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

quilt sets

The weather has started to get cool again. The fall season will end in a little more than six weeks, and winter will begin. We are in the midst of several home improvement projects, yet there remains something that must be done to ensure that all of our children are comfortable when sleeping overnight. What I am thinking of is getting new quilt sets, comforters and bedding. We never purchased multiple choices for our daughters’ bedrooms. In fact, I think there are only two or three bedding sets each that get rotated in their rooms. I recognize that at such tender ages, they really could care less what their comforters or sheet sets look like. However, I think it is important to set standards for our children so that they grow accustomed to certain things. A quick internet search revealed a number of promising sites. One standout offered as much as twenty per cent plus free express shipping. In addition, they had several appealing styles of quilts and comforters. Perhaps, the best approach would be to show the site to my daughters to help select the styles that they find most appealing.

Monday, November 14, 2011

mens big and tall

Now that the holiday season is almost here, I have started to give more thought to the gifts that I might get for my family. The kids are easy. I know that as long as I get each of them a few shiny toys, they will be happy. The difficult one is my husband. I always have trouble shopping for him. This year, there may be even more of a challenge. Over the past several months, my husband has been drinking protein supplements, making sure that he eats three meals per day, and working out with weights a lot. As a result, he may have put on 20 solid pounds or more. His new muscularity will likely make it almost impossible to find nice clothes that fit him in almost any, but I also suspect that a lot of his existing clothes may not fit anymore too. So, I expect that I will need to shop for mens big and tall clothing. Maybe, I will bring some samples of his current clothing in order to help me find something that is consistent with sense of style.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Best Annuity Rates

I started investing in the stock market for the first time only a couple of years ago at the suggestion of my husband. Initially, the experience was exciting, but along with the market turmoil and economic downturn, my stock portfolio lost a lot of value. This made me wonder whether there were safer investments that I might explore. The first alternatives that I discovered were certificates of deposits and municipal bonds. Although CDs are generally pretty safe, they tend to pay horrendous rates of return. Municipal bonds certainly tend to have better rates of return than CDs, but I was a little spooked by the fact that there have been municipalities that have sought bankruptcy protection in recent years. Indeed, a county in Alabama filed for bankruptcy just this month! Eventually, my search led me to consider annuities. As I understand them, the way annuities work is that when someone purchases an annuity, they are effectively agreeing to loan present money in exchange for a promise that the bearer will pay a certain rate of return over time. Thus the key is finding the Best Annuity Rates. Doing so requires a bit of research, but can result in both low risk and a good rate of return.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

celtic wedding bands

Today, I learned about how historically the Celtic people were master metalworkers. They were especially well known for some of the intricate designs that they applied to items of jewelry. I saw photos of many examples of celtic wedding bands. And I must admit that the pieces that I saw were indeed quite beautiful. I wonder how long the Celtic people have been involved in metal working. The wedding bands were especially interesting because they showed so much detail in a very small area, which I imagine would require great skill. Many of the wedding bands followed traditional conventions and were devoid of jewels of any kind. Although I think my husband and I have now decided against the idea, for a time we considered replacing our wedding bands with new, nicer looking rings. Our wedding bands are just that – plain, gold bands reflecting no designs whatsoever. One of the Celtic styles would be far more interesting and esthetically pleasing. However, the more we thought about it, the more we realized that the sentimental value was important as our current bands were what we exchanged at our wedding ceremony. But if we ever renew our vows, I will be sure to consider the Celtic styles.

Having fun with falling leaves

Monday, November 7, 2011

internet merchant

It seems like many of the websites that I visit seem to use different payment policies. Some accept Paypal, some accept credit cards. Among the credit card merchants, some accept Visa and MasterCard, but not American Express or Discover. Basically, the standard practices are all over the place. Knowing this made me wonder how a typical internet merchant would handle payment practices. I know that there are internet merchant account processing services that are available for a reasonable fee. Many of these businesses have a particular focus on startups and other businesses that have difficulty establishing an account with a standard credit card processor.

Airsoft Pistol

Several years ago, I visited a shooting range. It was one of the most interesting afternoon excursions of my life. Previously, I had little experience with guns of any kind. But since that time, I have returned to shooting ranges on many occasions and have also participated in paintball activities. As my husband and I now have small children, we are reluctant to have regular handguns and rifles in our home in light of the easy deadly force that they command. However, we are considering the purchase of an Airsoft Pistol . Although we recognize that air guns pose threats of their own, we believe they are only about as dangerous as a slightly sharpened knife in the hands of the unwary. In any event, we would store any air guns that we purchase in a way that respects their potential for harm in the hands of a child. We specifically gravitated to the Airsoft brand due to certain characteristics of the company. First of all, it is family owned and operated. Secondly, the company offers a wonderful selection and pricing. Finally, I like the company’s generous warranty policies. Thus, when all factors are considered together, it is clear that Airsoft remains a clear choice for our air gun needs.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

backlink benchmarking

I just learned about a great way for tracking traffic to your site and potentially managing your page rank. The tool is called the Hubshout website grader . The web grader is a free tool that helps you to explore backlinks, competitor profiles and keywords. On the Hubshout homepage, you can perform a very quick and free website benchmarking test. I found the website and especially the frequently asked questions page to be very helpful. I admit that I did not fully appreciate the potential value of a backlink analysis.And I think the tool would be invaluable for helping domain owners to increase their page rank. This, if this is important for you, I suggest that you try their backlink benchmarking tool to see how your domain stacks up against other websites.

Charleston real estate

A couple of years ago, we visited Charleston, South Carolina to attend the wedding of one of my husband’s co-workers. Both my husband and I simply loved the city and its local culture. The food, the architecture and the proximity to the Atlantic Ocean all left a strong, positive impression with us long after we returned to the Washington DC area. As we are now contemplating a potential move away from the DC area, I thought about Charleston and I am anxious to see what the Charleston real estate market is like these days. My sense is that it would almost certainly be less expensive than the DC area. However, I would not be surprised in the least if the more high-end properties cost at least as much as a nice home in Northern Virginia. The featured listings on a Charleston real property website are largely consistent with my expectations. Although there are homes that cost less than $450,000, there are many that have asking prices that exceed 3 million dollars. At this stage, I think we have had our fill of very expensive homes and will likely stick with renting for a while.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

nursing scrubs

One of my aunts is a nurse. I visited with her last year at her home in Jackson, Mississippi. She really enjoys her work as she says that it leaves her very content that she helps other people almost every day. When I was staying with her, I had an occasion to try on some of her hospital scrubs while I waited for my laundry to finish. I found them to be quite comfortable and wondered where I might find some nice scrubs for women. After some quick searches, I found a site that offers just what I was looking for: plan to pick up a few pairs of scrubs for myself before it gets too late. Indeed, I may just get a pair of nursing scrubs for my aunt as a small token of my gratitude for all that she has done for me over the years.

SEO Services

It is pretty amazing to think about how much the internet and online businesses have changed over the past decade. Little more than 10 years ago, you seldom heard about online marketing businesses. That is, it is only within the past several years that online marketing businesses have really taken off. Nowadays, such businesses have become very specialized and offer highly technical services. They now offer a wide variety of services such as SEO Services.One website in particular seemed to provide very specialized services including ad serving. Sometimes, I just review the information available on the company’s website to better educate myself regarding the available services. The website also provides a lot of useful information for anyone who is thinking about an on-line marketing campaign. By staying on top of the available data, you can always be sure that you are utilizing the best available online marketing services.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wondering when I can finish my father new home.

I thought that I can finish my father new home this year. But unfortunately looks like that not going to happen. Since we have so many bills to pay, I hope my sister will help me finish my project. She told me yesterday that she have part time job. But she is also hopping that she can find regular job. So that she can help me finish the house of our father in the Philippines. It’s really hard to find job nowadays especially if you did not graduate college.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Cape Cod vacation rentals

I think I have heard of two families who vacationed on Cape Cod this past year. I wondered what it was about the area that made it so appealing. According to Google maps, the Cape is composed of a peninsula and nearby islands along the coast of Massachusetts. The place that I hear about the most is Martha’s Vineyard. It seems to be very popular with both the rich and famous and with regular people. A quick internet search of the vineyard revealed some lovely images of the area. In fact, I liked what I saw so much that I decided to look into Cape Cod vacation rentals . We decided this past year that going forward we needed to focus on rentals rather than hotels in light of the size of our growing family. The problem is that with three children (which is soon to be four) we often face additional charges when we stay at hotels. Thus, we have learned that furnished apartments, executive residences and condo and single family home rentals will likely be the way to go for our family in future vacations.

electronic payments

Sometimes it really annoys me when someone ahead of me in line at the grocery store decides to write a check rather than using a credit or debit card. I then wish that there was a corresponding technology upgrade in all of the stores where we shop. I know that the technology for Electronic Payments has been around for decades. However, some people - especially seniors – have been slow to adopt the technology. I think one reason for this is a general mistrust of electronic payment systems among seniors and resistance to change. I think that one thing that could help would be stronger and more standardized security measures. It would also help if we could go through a few years with limited or no major stories of widespread identity theft where some cyber criminals acquire the credit and debit card numbers of thousands of people. Those types of events certainly do little to inspire confidence in skeptical members of the public. I think this must all begin with the electronic payment practices of retailers, which people use most often. If retailers fall in line, I suspect that much of the danger of electronic identity theft would be tamed.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kauai real estate

One of our friends from Thailand is currently visiting the United States. He and his wife began their American journey in Hawaii. He sent lovely and detailed messages describing the beauty of the island and the historical sites related to World War II at Pearl Harbor as well as the local culture. He mentioned many beautiful homes that he has visited, which made me think about what it might be like to live there. He visited each of the main islands, including Kauai, which is the fourth largest.
I wonder what the Kauai real estate market is like these days. I know that the real estate market on the mainland remains gripped in one of the deepest market down-turns in the nation’s history. I would imagine that if the real estate market in Hawaii has suffered similarly, there may be some real bargains available for single family homes and condominiums. A quick review of available listings shows that there are properties to fit almost any price range, although many of the listings reflect prices that are probably out of reach of most Americans.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Joan is my favorite

I checked out direct Tv since I can't rely on my boyfriend to let me watch whatever I want at his place. The nerve, right?! Just kidding. He is the best. Ad I love all things fashion related, I love watching that show on E that Joan Rivers hosts. You know the one where she tears apart the celebreties for their fashion choices on the red carpet? She gives credit when it's due, though. And I usually agree with her. But when she doesn't like something, she is BRUTAL. And sometimes I think she doesn't think about how some people are just being true to who they are. Like Helena Bonham Carter. I'm like, "Leave that poor woman alone! She's quirky!" Joan has a great sense of humor, though. I hope I'm that funny when I'm her age. Sans the over the top plastic surgery. I don't think that would suit me.
Author: Jonathan Suarez

Are you ready for Halloween.

Well advance happy Halloween everyone I hope your kids costumes are ready now.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

occupational health

I wonder what it would be like to work in a hospital. I have been exposed both to physicians and aspiring physicians as well as to other medical professionals such as nurses and hospital administrators. I am not sure which role I would find more appealing. I guess that on the surface, it would seem that working as a physician would be the ideal role for one who worked in a hospital – for no other reason except that physicians stand at the top (or nearly the top) of hospital administrative and professional staff.
On the other hand, working in hospital administration would give one the authority to impact the lives of many more people than any single physician. Also, I might have an opportunity to deal with overarching policies and issues like occupational health which permeate the entire medical profession. There are recurrent challenges such as data collection and reporting that have been identified by the United States president and many congressional leaders as being critical to better streamlining the delivery of medical services. Thus, I would welcome the challenge of attempting to tackle such problems with the promise that my success would mean a lot to so many.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Walden University's online degree programs

After reflection on the life paths taken by my loved ones, I am beginning to think that a person’s education is probably one of the most significant predictors of a person’s financial security. I know that I have read about studies over the years that support this proposition. I know that many people find education to be un-accessible after high school because of the extraordinary costs involved. But then there are other people like my sister who serve as an example of how one can pursue their education through low-cost online or correspondence degree programs. One institution that offer’s such an option is Walden University's online degree programs . Although its degree programs certainly are not cheap, they tend to be more affordable than many four year universities. Also, to the extent that financial aid remains a necessity, there are many resources that a person can turn to in order to finance. But anyhow to learn about Walden please visit
Thanks and have a wonderful Thursday.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

office property management Jackson Mississippi

It has been a long time since I have visited the southern United States. When I first arrived in the United States, our family traveled to Memphis, Tennessee a couple of times. I think the last visit was in 2008. Although one of my aunts lives in nearby Jackson, Mississippi, unfortunately I never managed to visit with her when I visited the Memphis area.
Speaking of my aunt, she has been quite busy lately. She mentioned to me the other day that she wants to open a store in Jackson. To do so would be the achievement of a lifelong dream to start a business. I told her that although I thought that was a wonderful decision, she needed to be careful about selecting a location. Also important would be the professionalism of the property management company that she chooses. A quick internet search was all we needed to determine the lay of the land regarding office property management Jackson Mississippi and the services provided. I suggested to her that she should find a property manager that understands that she will be establishing a start-up business and who offers terms and services that are appropriate for the risk involved. I hope that she is successful in the pursuit of her dream.

Trick or treat at six flags.

I went to the mall this morning to look for a costume for my oldest daughter. Perhaps I could not decide what kind of costume I should buy for my oldest daughter. So I decide to by some Christmas gift since I’m already at the mall. There was so many things on sale perhaps my budget is limited. But anyhow that is all for now. I will probably start decorating Halloween d├ęcor since my kids are taking their nap.

Monday, October 10, 2011


A couple of years ago, my husband and I discussed purchasing rental property in lieu of our first home. Our primary interest was in apartment or condominium buildings. The idea came from one of my husband’s former college classmates who held significant income generating rental properties. We were impressed that such properties generally paid for themselves through rental income. Although we ultimately decided to purchase a home, we are now considering rental or other income generating properties again.
In light of the real estate market down turn, there are now many bargains to be had in the commercial real estate market. We have yet to determine the best type of project to pursue. We suspect that condominium conversion projects may be a good choice with great potential. However, we are nervous about the conversion costs. My husband prefers to focus on apartment buildings. In his view, you have not made a successful investment unless the asset pays you money. This is one of the primary benefits of good apartment buildings. If the property is well run, oftentimes the rental income pays for any mortgage as well as maintenance and property taxes.
We think an ideal investment would be a property that we could lease to a retail business or office. In our experience, such properties tend to be on the expensive side, however. Thus, key for us would be identifying something that we could afford.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

breast cancer awareness products

Breast cancer is a terrible disease. I was reading about the condition recently and learned that it remains one of the biggest annual killers of Western women. Fortunately, there are scores of professionals who have devoted their lives to finding treatments and a cure for all forms of breast cancer. On the negative side, I still think that a lot of people know little about the condition.
Given the amount of ignorance about breast cancer, I think breast cancer awareness products can play a huge role in how the public perceives the disease and the resources that are allocated to fight it. When I think about all of the research and monetary investment that went into the development of erectile dysfunction treatments, I know that lot more could be done to fight breast cancer.
The first step in impacting the allocation of resources is to improve public awareness. I have decided that I will wear a pink pin, which has become synonymous with breast cancer research and treatment, whenever I go out. I figure that in my small way, I can help increase the visibility of the disease and get people to focus on it when they otherwise would not.

skin tightening

With our last child due to arrive in less than two months, I am beginning to think about what I can do to get back in shape. I suppose that keeping active, having a regular exercise routine, and watching my diet is the best way to get in shape and stay healthy. However, I worry that since I am older and have now had several children, my body may not return to its original form this time. I have heard of certain surgical procedures that you can have done that can help with skin tightening as a supplement to your exercise and diet. Also, I regularly hear about topical products that you can rub onto your body. Those products are supposed to help tighten your skin as well.
In addition to the surgical procedures and topical solutions, I understand that there are also medical, non-surgical procedures that can help tighten your skin. I think these procedures involve injections which work directly on problem areas.
Although I am nervous about utilizing any of the surgical solutions, the photos that I have seen of before and after cases, all seem to reflect astonishing results. Thus, depending on how things go after our baby arrives, I may find myself with yet another physician to help work on my recovery.

six flags time.

Getting ready for six flags. What about you guys what are you going to do today. Will I hope everybody has great weekend.

Monday, October 3, 2011

baby blankets

Time file so fast I am now 8 months pregnant with our 4th child and I am debating whether or not I need to buy more cashmere baby blanket. Will maybe I should buy more since I give away some of the fleece baby blanket that I had use when Jasmine is a baby. Last summer I give away most of my baby stuff to my younger sister in the Philippines. Because I figure that if I get pregnant again I can easily buy new one. Now that I can drive I can definitely go ahead and shop for baby stuff. I know choosing the best stuff for your new born baby is very excited part of your pregnancy. Especially if you are new parent nothing more excited but the comfort of your new born baby.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Polish translation companies

My husband is a corporate attorney who specializes in international mergers and acquisitions. A few years ago, he worked on a very large transaction that involved a sale by one of his clients of business located in Italy, France, the UK and Poland. Although the purchase agreement was in English, there were parallel local documents that were in the local languages. In some cases, there were people on his team who spoke the relevant language, but for others he explained that they had to retain a translation service. Although translation issues have not arisen a lot for my husband due to the fact that in such a large law firm, there are people who are fluent in many languages, sometimes the issue still comes up. During the deal that I mentioned, I understand that they used a translation service for both the Italian and Polish documents. Although his firm had people who spoke both languages, the y struggled when asked to offer a legal translation. Polish translators are generally needed for financial or legal translations. There are a few Polish translation agencies that seem to stand out from the others. This is because there are few Polish translation companies that can boast that they offer accredited translators.

Friday, September 30, 2011

It is all about my family an my history too

It is all about my family an my history too. When I was 17 years old I decide to go to manila the capital of the Philippines, to find job. In 2001 if I’m not mistaken I went to manila with my aunt. First job that I have in manila Philippines is a helper of my aunt friend. Since my boss is a friend of my aunt my salary was only 1000 peso per month. After 7 months I decide to go home and see my parents and of course my brothers and sisters. When I arrived to our home my mother was so happy she gives a huge and kisses. After that my mom went to our kitchen and cooks our dinner. So I follow her and help her cook and I give her 4,000 peso and she said thank you very much now I can by more medicine. And I asked for what and my mom get my hands and put on her breast and she said that she have tumor. Since I have no idea what is tumor is, I just said okay mom I hope that will go away soon. Perhaps months passing by and my mom bubs got swelling and when she went to a breast specialist doctor. The doctor said that my mom has a breast cancer and since we don’t have enough money to pay the chemotherapy. My mom pass away in 2003 it was very painful for me because I have so many plans in my life that I want to show to her.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

intimate apparel

I have noticed that he and I shop very differently. He will go shopping with specific items in mind; he will try to find them; then he is ready to leave. Conversely, I do not need to have anything in particular in mind, or even if I do, this would not keep me from checking out any interesting thing that captures my attention.
We are expecting our fourth and final child in December. Although I can’t wait to bring our child into the world to finally meet him or her, I am also anxious to complete my pregnancy so that I can get back to my normal size. It will be nice to shop for sexy Intimate Apparel, shoes, and swim wear once again. I love wearing sexy clothing that shows off my figure – at least when my figure is good. Since this will be our last child, after this pregnancy, I expect that I will exercise as much as I should to make sure that I am in the best shape that I can achieve.

Anyhow that is all for now happy Wednesday to you all.

shopping time

I love shopping for nice clothes. Sometimes I get as much pleasure from the process of shopping as I get from finding just the right item. This is something that my husband seems to find difficult to understand. I have asked him at times to drive to the mall with me to shop. His usual response is to ask what I am looking to buy. When I respond that I am not looking for anything in particular, he responds that there is no need to go.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

book publishing

I have been writing regularly for nearly three years now. It started slowly, when I first started blogging. But over the years I have slowly written more and more until now. Over the past several months, I think I have begun to write almost daily. Most of my writing is descriptive blogging, but some is actually creative. I enjoy the creative process and I hope that in time I learn to write even better.
My husband is a great writer. If you asked him, he would probably say that he writes for a living. As a corporate attorney, I think that would not be too far from the truth of it. In any event, he has been writing for decades and I think his creative writing is almost indistinguishable from some professional authors. I recall that during his Peace Corps service he used to write summaries of his experiences. Many of his friends and family members commented on the high quality of his writing. Given his talent, I think it would be cool if he were to consider book publishing some of his work. I know he likes science fiction, so maybe he could write a sci-fi story that is worth publishing. In the alternative, I know that he already has a collection of poetry, and I think some of it would be perfect for publishing.

Cheapest phone call to the the Philippines

This is what I’m notice to my older sister every time she will text me, she will text about money, money, money. What a very disappointment text from her. I have been texted her the other day that I will send money if I have enough money to send at the end of this month. Perhaps I got another text this morning telling me that I really need to send money. Because there are lot of people trying steal the building materials that they bought last month. This word is always in her text every time she wills text to me. It makes me hard attack you know. I know there is way to keep these materials safe from people who wants to still. But they just been lazy or I don’t know what they are thinking. They are very annoying oh! I don’t know I would love to make a phone call to my sister. But since I am trying to save some money I’ll prepare to text since its free.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

best playtech casinos UK

Do you guys play casino? Well good news because last night while I was browsing online. I came across to this best playtech casinos UK. Best Playtech Casino has a great reputation in the UK and is renowned for fair play, amazing graphics, smart looking lobbies and helpful customer support. So if your looking for great casino online I recommend you to click the high light words best playtech casinos UK on this post and it well takes you to the right place. Where you guys can start playing your favorite game. If you feel bored and nothing else to do please don’t hesitate to visit I am sure you well really enjoy on this site.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

advertising agency

I was just thinking about how important it is for both new and existing businesses to advertise and get their names out in public. The principle seems so basic and yet I suspect that many would be entrepreneurs do not consider advertising to be among the basic necessities for business success – instead focusing primarily on the product, price and distribution issues. Even for those small business owners who recognize the importance of advertising, oftentimes they are likely at a loss as to the ideal means of actually executing an advertising or media campaign.
Fortunately, there are professional advertising agencies to help businesses build their brands. Also, I recently learned that there is at least one advertising agency that focuses on online businesses and e-commerce solutions. Such an agency is specially suited to advertising in the rapidly evolving digital world.
One innovative aspect of advertising agencies that focus on e-commerce is that they appreciate the importance of mixed media advertising. Basically, a mixed media approach incorporates both internet and traditional marketing solutions, which can help to enhance the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. Another useful feature is that certain advertising companies provide a means of measuring the success of their media campaigns. In my view, this is a critical element for any consumer of professional services. The reason is that you wouldn’t need to hire a professional if you fully understood how to implement the plan and the nature of the services to be provided. As you are not a professional advertiser yourself, it is important that you have available an objective means of measuring the effectiveness of the services that are delivered.

Yard work

My picture of the day hope you like it.

Monday, September 19, 2011

good to excellent credit scores

I saw in the news last week that home mortgages have reached yet another historic low. It is amazing how the housing market has changed over the past several years. In late 2006 through early 2007, home values reached a historic high. Then in the following years, home prices have largely declined all over the country. On more than one occasion, commentators have claimed that the downturn in the housing market was at an end, only to have prices decline even further. Perhaps one of the bright spots in all of this has been the opportunity for qualified purchasers with good to excellent credit scores to buy their first home.
In late 2008, my husband and I purchased our first home. We learned during the process that all of the historic, customary requirement for purchasing a home had earlier eroded, but were coming back. Fortunately, we had no trouble demonstrating our income, making a 20% down payment, and providing to the banks all of the documentation that they required. We also had combined credit scores in the low 800s. Thus, for us, the home buying experience was easy.
When we refinanced earlier this year, we were told that a credit score of 740 was the minimum requirement to command the best mortgage rates. Thus, I know that for anyone who has a credit score in that range – or better, obtaining a mortgage (or refinancing) would likely be a smooth, if not pleasant, experience. As mortgage rates for a 30 year fixed mortgage have now approached 4% and 15 year fixed rates are lower than 3.4%, now would be a great time for purchasers with great credit to consider getting into the market.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Neck Pain New York

Have you ever suffered a neck injury? Fortunately, I never have, but I know some people who have suffered neck injuries and I can see that they can be very serious injuries. Left untreated, they can lead to all sorts of complications. I suppose that the most common forms of neck injury is whiplash suffered in an automobile accident or injuries from contact sports. But you can also injure your neck over time through improper posture or other means of causing additional strain on your neck. You could even hurt your neck through the way you sleep at night. You know that the condition is serious when soreness of your neck is accompanied by a numb feeling in your extremities. You might also feel pain in your shoulders.
Fortunately there are medical practices that specialize in treatment for injuries to the neck. Neck Pain New York are two phrases that need never be uttered together. A specialty practice like New York Pain Care has the specialists and other medical professionals necessary to ensure that any neck pain or injury that you suffer will not last long. Thus, if you live in the New York area, treatment for a neck injury is never too far away.

Hong Kong disneland

Is 10:48 in the morning but since its foggy its seems like 6:00 o’clock in the morning. I’m glad it’s Saturday no class I don’t need to get up early. Well we don’t have plan for today so I am just looking at our old pictures that we toke last year when we are in Hong Kong. And some other place that we have visited last year. Looking at the pictures that we toke makes me think about vacationing again. Since the weather here is getting colder, oh! I wish we have enough money to go vacation every year. In the Philippines or in Thailand where is warm.

Friday, September 16, 2011

survey sample.

After being a homemaker for several years, I have continued to dream of someday starting my own business. The challenges have remained more or less the same. One big challenge with any business is getting the word out and ensuring that the target consumers get excited about utilizing your website, business and/or products. It is amazing to me how easy it has become to collect a survey sample. Formerly, such tools were only available to large, heavily funded systems. Well speaking of survey, I have found a good survey website that allows you create a fully customizable survey in minutes. Their surveys help you collect opinions and suggestions from a survey sample that represents the entire demographic to your organization targets. So if you have business and you would like to have a proper survey. Please don’t hesitate to visit includes a number of special features, including the ability to automatically transform a Word Document into a survey and the option to add rewards for survey completes. Their innovative drag-and-drop interface makes reaching your survey sample faster and easier.
To get started, on this website simply click the high light words on this post and it will take you to the right page. Where you can sign up or read more information about this site.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

shopping for winter clothes

I love shopping for winter clothes. When I was growing up in the Philippines, shopping seemed to be so much simpler. All you ever needed was a few pairs of sandals, blouses and jeans or shorts. Here in the United States, if you live in a part of the country that has a temperate climate, you will need a wide variety of clothing articles. For example, unlike in the Philippines, which really only had one variable season – hot and wet or hot and dry, here in the United States, you can have 100 degree temperatures in the summer and below freezing temperatures in the winter. This means that you must maintain a more elaborate wardrobe. You need all sorts of cold weather clothing that would not be appropriate in the Philippines. Also, because United States citizens tend to be bigger than Asians, on average, there is also a much wider variety of sizes to choose from. For example, you can buy everything from petite sweaters to Plus Size Sweaters. And although it may just be my imagination, it is also my sense that there are more choices available for each article of clothing that you may want. It is as if the best of every country around the world is available for sale here - albeit at a higher price than in the original local markets.

Wide Calf Boots

I love shopping, both for myself and for my husband and kids. To me, part of the fun is the search. Whenever you go into a store, you can never be certain that the establishment will have what you are looking for. Thus, you have to go in and touch, feel, and if appropriate, try on all promising articles of clothing. Sometimes when you are looking for one thing, something else might catch your eye, which may require that you explore that possibility as well. Thus, I took it as a special challenge to find something that would fit my sister once I determined that I would get her some nice knee high boots. The challenge arose because my sister has some rather large calf muscles. I think they result both from genetics and from years of working on a farm.
Thus, I set out to find a nice pair of Wide Calf Boots , which could fit her comfortably. Such specialty items can be difficult to find unless one is okay with searching online. Fortunately, I overcame my initial reluctance with online shopping a long time ago. As a result, once I had my sister’s measurements, it was a relatively simple matter to find a nice pair of wide calf boots that would fit her.

First time I saw a parade here in the United States.

At Virginia Beach parade.

Electronic Cigarette

The changes in technology over the past decade have been nothing less than extraordinary. It is quite incredible when you think about it. Ten years ago, Apple computer was still working to climb out if its financial troubles. It had recently introduced the ipod, which was slow to initially catch on. There were no true smart phones like those of today. And smokeless cigarettes were little more than novelty items sold in mall kiosks.
Fast forward ten years to the present day and smokeless cigarettes have gained in popularity – perhaps in part due to growing restrictions on smoking in public places. In fact, I would have to say that the legal changes restricting smoking have been big surprises to me. I guess that I could always understand restrictions on airplanes and in restaurants. I have never truly understood the smoking restrictions in bars or pretty much anywhere outside.
In any event, I think these same restrictions have helped to increase demand for smokeless cigarettes. And the increased demand has led to more competition and greater innovation among the manufacturers of Electronic Cigarette . Thus, today’s smokeless cigarettes do not require that you use an on/off switch. Instead, you can just start ‘smoking’ by taking a draw and the cigarette will automatically power-on and deliver through a vapor a very pleasant smoking experience.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hot air generators

We eat lots of seafood. In fact, I suspect that I have fish or some other seafood product nearly five days per week. Although my family and I consume lots of fish, our seafood consumption likely pales in comparison to that of my family in the Philippines.
One of the things that I really enjoy is dried fish. When I was a child, small dried fish (that were about the size of sardines or anchovies) were a regular snack that we ate – perhaps as common for us as eating crackers is for American kids.
Whenever someone was preparing dried fish, they would sometimes store the fish in salt for a time to dry it out. At other times, they would just hang the fish outdoors in the sun to dry. Well, with knowledge of how the process of drying seafood works in the Philippines, you might anticipate my surprise and excitement when I learned about industrial Hot air dryers . One of the advertised features and applications of these dryers is for drying seafood and other food products. There are both standard and high capacity Hot air generators . It is my sense that the high capacity products would be overkill for just drying seafood, thus a standard model should be more than sufficient for our needs.

girls clothes stores

My children are all girls. A couple of years ago, I never imagined that my husband and I would have all girls. However, with three daughters already and one last child on the way, there is a real possibility that we will not have any sons. I guess that would not be all bad. In fact, I think there have been some real advantages to having all girls thus far. For one, our daughters have been able to pass down old clothes to be worn by the younger sisters. Although I would anticipate that this will not likely continue as our daughters get older, at least while they are small and do not really mind, it saves both money and aggravation to not have to buy full separate wardrobes for each of our daughters.
We have been able to focus our shopping on girls clothes stores or departments, which seem to have more options than the boys sections anyway. Many of our friends warn that in due time – probably as our daughters reach their teenage years, they will each become more demanding about the clothes that they wear and rebel against the concept of hand-me-downs. These warnings don’t really bother me or my husband. We figure that we will just take life as it comes.

summer season

We got a lot of rain this week. So the grass is finally green and growing fast. It means it’s time to cut the grass again. I hope my husband can fix the lawn mower soon, he been trying to fix the lawn mower last week perhaps all of the sudden rain hard. So he stops and he is planning to fix it again probably this weekend.
So hopefully he can fix it so that we don’t need to buy another one.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

I have lived in the United States for over four years now. In the time that I have been here, I have had two additional daughters (with one on the way), purchased my first home, purchased my first car – an SUV, and taken one trip back to Asia to visit with my family and friends. One of the things that I have thought a lot about lately is becoming a United States citizen and attending college. In my view, these things are related. Continuing my education would, no doubt, strengthen my communication skills and my depth of knowledge about United States civics and history. I am confident that this would help me to pass the citizenship exam. However, one big barrier for me attending college is that I am a homemaker who will soon have four small children. Childcare is expensive and childcare for four kids is very expensive. Thus, I expect that I would need to focus on online degree programs so that I could continue to look after my children. There are many such programs out there to choose from. Based upon my research, Walden University’s online degree programs may be among the better choices for homemakers like me. You can lean about Walden at their website at The site contains a wealth of information useful to anyone who is considering an online degree.

ash handling systems

My husband is a corporate attorney who represents clients in a number of industries. He sometimes tells me how he believes the ultimate client relationship for him is one in which he offers general counseling services beyond just focusing on legal issues. He has described a few client relationships that seem to fit the mold, but he is constantly searching for ways to improve upon all of his client relationships.
One of the companies that he represents is a US subsidiary of a Swedish company that has manufacturing facilities in the North Eastern United States. The company is involved in a sort of steel casting business commonly referred to as powdered metals. The reason why I thought of this company is that the facility looks a lot like what you would expect in a steel mill or foundry. Because of all of the steel works, I suspect that the facility would have a need for certain ancillary services like ash handling systems. I recently learned about a company that is renowned in this area, and I think it might be a nice gesture if my husband made a referral to his client to let them know that he is thinking about non-legal issues that might be affecting them.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

San Antonio Cosmetic Dentistry

We had been avoiding our annual dental visit for a while until earlier this year. But, I am glad that we finally scheduled a visit. You see, the issue arose during our prior dental appointment. Up until then, we had been making annual visits for cleanings and checkups. During the visit, our family dentist told my husband that he would need to have a filling. My husband didn’t believe him and basically decided that he would get a second opinion. That was easier said than done. Our old dentist was less than 2 miles from our home. We basically wanted to keep close to home if possible. We also wanted to find a dentist who had appointments for 8:00 am (or earlier) to be compatible with my husband’s work schedule. Well, it was during our search that we learned how difficult it can be to find a good dentist. I imagine that it would be similarly challenging to find a good San Antonio Texas Dentist or Chicago Dentist. We were also concerned that our five year old daughter’s teeth might grow-in crooked. You see, a new tooth was growing in before the old tooth had fallen out. I imagine that San Antonio Cosmetic Dentistry, Washington, DC cosmetic dentistry or any other such dental specialists would know whether anything would be required or should be done about our daughter’s teeth

Thursday, September 1, 2011

truck driving jobs

The wife of one of my husband’s childhood friends in Memphis, Tennessee, works for a trucking company. In fact, we recently learned that his friend’s son also got a job at the same company. The last time that we were in Memphis, I spoke to the wife about her job. Basically, she works in the home office of a trucking company. Her job is to communicate with the various drivers about their deliveries and related matters. Before our conversation, I had no idea that so much was involved in making a delivery by truck.
Interestingly, one of my brothers in law, who also lives in Memphis, Tennessee, holds a CDL license that permits him to drive certain large vehicles. However, he explained that he was not authorized to drive vehicles with air brakes. His license was basically a chauffer’s license. He could drive some pretty large vehicles such as large vans and buses, so long as the vehicle did not include air brakes.
Recently, my husband has been trying to encourage his brother to re-locate to the DC area. He explained that in the DC area he believed that there were plenty of truck driving jobs . This was not the case in Memphis where his brother lives and where the market is more depressed. Indeed, I heard him tell his brother that he was confident that there were drivers wanted for many companies in the area. One need only look in the weekend newspaper want ads to get a sense of how great the need is for drivers in the DC area.

Virginia Beach

We are thinking of going to Virginia Beach this weekend, since it’s a long holiday weekend here in the United States. So I should probably start looking for a hotel that free internet. Because I will try to earn something even I’m on vacation. I don’t want to lose any penny because I want to finish the new house for my father before Christmas. It’s already first of September and you know what is that means. People are already starting to make list of what they want to buy for Christmas. And perhaps me I need to finish my father new home, plus buying present for my children’s and of course I need also to buy something for my husband.

That's why I try my best to earn something online.

Monday, August 29, 2011

cigarrest complaints

I was reading a cigarrest review earlier today and learned that there is a lot more to the product than I originally thought. I had heard of the Cigarrest gum which reportedly helps smokers by replacing smoker’s oral fixation on smoking. I suspect that it might also help to reduce weight gain because if folks are chewing gum, they are prevented from addressing their oral fixation by eating more. I think the Cigarrest system is one of the first, major, nationally available products designed to help people quit smoking. Indeed, I think the fact that t as been around for so long is a strong testament to the effectiveness of the system. Also, when I search for cigarrest complaints , there do not appear to be many unsatisfied customers. Although my husband only smokes an occasional cigar, I wonder whether something like cigarrest might help him to kick the “habit” altogether and live smoke free. One of many things that I recently learned about Cigarrest is that it is a lot more than just gum. There are also smoker’s vitamins, chewable tablets and even an audio CD that helps users how to stay smoke free. Ultimately, that is the goal of every smoker out there who has ever contemplated breaking their smoking habit.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

home security

We changed our home insurance company last year. It was an interesting experience to learn about all of the ways in which you can get discounts on you annual premiums. One way to lower your premium is to install a home security system. I have a friend from high school who lives in Arkansas, near the capitol. She is looking to purchase her first home. When I spoke to her about our home buying experience, I also mentioned that I think home security Sherwood , Arkansas is little different from the options available here. Thus, I suggested that she consider a system to lower her insurance premiums.
Another point that I mentioned to her is that we still have only one cable system available to us at our home. The only alternatives available are satellite services. My mother has Direct TV , so I know that it offers good service and several viewing options. I was also surprised to learn that it also offers a high speed internet service that my mom has been quite happy with.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

At the park

We went the park the other day and while we are there. There was a small dog and a big dog, the small dog is trying to fight the big dog. I am just imagining if the owner of the big dog let them fight you know. Because the owner of the small was not doing anything she just watches her dog rushing to go to the big dog. When I talk to the owner of the big dog she was saying that tiny dog is very aggressive. He did not care if he got killed by the big dog.
I thought that was cool so I toke pictures. So here is some pictures that I can share too you hope you like it.

That's the small dog who is trying to fight.

Look at this Small dog trying to rush to come to the big dog.

Rent Calgary

I really do not like to move, but whenever I have needed to move in the past, it has always helped to have a website that compares all of the available options in one place. I prefer websites over newspaper listings because of the greater detail that is often available on website listings. Rent Calgary is a website that provides fairly comprehensive listings of available condos, townhomes and apartments that are available in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. A nice feature of the site is that it permits you to search based upon many different factors. You can limit your search be the number of bedrooms, price and property type. I also like the fact that many of their listings also include several photos to permit the user to get a better sense of the property before arranging a personal inspection.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Personal Favorite Talk Show

I absolutely love watching TV at the end of a long hard day. In my line of work my body takes a pretty big toll. When I get home I absolutely need to relax and watch some television with my friends. Sure, there are better things I could be doing. But I'm in shape, have a lovely family and really just like to watch TV. My wife loves me and my kids do as well. I don't like watching for more than an hour or so at a time unless I really enjoy the show. However, an hour of TV when I get home from a long hard day at work is a great way for me to relax.
My personal favorite talk show is Jay Leno. Jay Leno has always been one of my favorites. I absolutely love watching him on my Satellite TV from The picture is crystal clear as is the sound. He isn't the funniest guy around but the way the show is put together is top notch. Before Leno I was never really a stand up comedy type of guy. I just didn't like it. However, once I watched a few episodes of Leno I became hooked. When he's on TV you can bet that I'll be watching him. He tells jokes, can become serious at times and overall is a great host.
I appreciate the guest post, Jamie Guy

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Jaco Costa Rica vacations

My husband has taken fantastic vacations to Costa Rica two occasions. But, unfortunately, I have not yet had an opportunity to visit. On one occasion, he went on his birthday along with one of his friends and his wife. While my husband remained in the capital city, his friends, Jason and Becky, went to a resort on the Pacific coast. They returned from their trip with beautiful pictures of the ocean and rain forests. In fact, the pictures were so intriguing that whenever I have an opportunity to go, I think I would probably prefer to skip the capital of San Jose and just go straight to the beach.
I performed a bit of internet research into beaches on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, and the most fascinating appears to be Jaco beach. I suspect that we could probably book Jaco Costa Rica vacations much more economically that our last trip to Asia. As our children are growing, one of the issues that will become more important for us will be accommodations. This is because many hotels impose limits on the number of children who can accompany their parents in a single room. Thus, we would be prime candidates for Jaco condo rentals rather than focusing on hotel rooms.

Thinking of buying new decor

Just looking at this home decor furniture.

merchant accounts

I think the emergence of debit and credit cards has been one of the most important developments in the support of commerce over the past 30 years or so. Of course, the Visa and MasterCard companies have probably been the biggest beneficiaries of this change, but I think society and free markets have been big winners as well. It is now a rarity to see someone whip out a checkbook to pay for groceries or other products in a store. This is because using a card is so much more convenient. With check cards, at the end of the month, consumers get a statement that tracks all of their purchases which obviates any need to record entries in a checkbook.
On the merchant side, there have been significant developments too. Although Visa and MasterCard are undoubtedly the 80 pound gorillas of the bank card market, there still remains a lot of competition. This competition has resulted in cheaper transaction rates and more efficient card processing systems. Providers now focus on the best credit card processing systems, which benefit both the merchant and the consumer. Now, most credit card issuers offer merchant accounts that provide a simple and convenient way for business owners to manage their customer accounts.

court reporting services.

My husband is an attorney. He has practiced law for over 12 years now. Although he is a corporate lawyer, he has explained how early in his career he was exposed to litigation and other areas of the law. One of the big topics in the legal profession over the past several years has been about how the practice of law is changing due to the economic downturn and whether the changes are permanent. The changes all surround the way that legal services are delivered.
You see, historically, big law firms offered a host of services from in-house teams. They rarely outsourced the delivery of any related litigation support services. They would almost always have depositions performed by highly priced partners or associate attorneys. However, in light of the market downturn, there has been a lot of client pressure on law firms to deliver legal service more efficiently. This pressure has led to the growing importance of several companies that permit law firms to reduce cost by outsourcing certain litigation services.

For example, rather than having to pay for the data entry skills of a more highly compensated legal secretary, law firms are now able to hire companies that offer professional court reporting services. Also, perhaps more surprisingly, law firms are also able to outsource certain deposition services. This is something that would have been almost unthinkable only about 15 years ago.

Friday, August 19, 2011

temperatures steady or falling to near 80F

The weather is getting better it means I can take my kids to the park. This morning while I’m cleaning my oldest daughter said can I help you cleaned up mama, so that we can go to the park. So now that I’m almost done I should probably take them to the park before its rain again. Because yesterday I take them to the store and we stop buy at the park. Perhaps they did not have so much fun because it’s suddenly rain hard so we came home and they were complaining like crazy you know kids.
But anyway that is all for now. Happy good weekend to you all.

Monday, August 15, 2011

TVee model 30 soundbar

It looks like my husband is preparing to ‘kick the tires’ relating to the sound system we have in our family room. I happen to think that our current sound system is perfectly fine. However, I know that my husband was never completely satisfied with the in-wall speakers that he purchased and installed shortly after we purchased our home. Instead, he has been paying really close attention to complete speaker systems. One that he has been checking out lately is made by Boston Acoustics and is called the TVee model 30 soundbar. I think the product is intended to serve as a center channel speaker, but it is publicized as a product that offers a more full bodied sound. I do not think that we necessarily need a full range speaker system. This is especially the case given that we already have a subwoofer and a powered center channel speaker set up in our family room. That said, I know that when my husband gets his mind set on something, it is quite difficult to make him change his mind.

las vegas shows

Earlier this summer, my husband had a business trip to Las Vegas. Neither he nor I had ever been there before. And, honestly, I was the only one who had ever expressed any interest in visiting. I know that my husband doesn’t like to gamble. And that erases a big part about why people like to vacation in Vegas. However, I try to explain to him that Vegas has a lot more to offer than just gambling. I have a cousin who lives there and she often tells me about the great food and other entertainment that is available in Las Vegas. In my opinion, the best reason to visit Vegas after gambling is probably the many famous las vegas shows that are available almost 24 hours per day. I would love to have a chance to visit with my husband, perhaps without our children. That would give us the freedom to check out almost any and everything that the city has to offer.

compression stockings edema

My husband and I now have three children. I am currently pregnant with our fourth and final child. Both my first and second pregnancies went very smoothly without any surprises or concerns. However, during my third pregnancy certain health issues began to emerge. The first problem was that I was diagnosed with low thyroid function. Initially, my husband and I were very concerned about this as everything that we read on the internet suggested that it could lead to very serious problems. However, when we went to see a specialist, he ultimately convinced us that the condition was not necessarily cause for worry. However, later in the pregnancy, I developed a problem with varicose veins. Although our doctor assured us that the condition could not harm the baby, I was also told that nothing could be done about the veins until after I delivered the baby. Meanwhile, I was given a prescription for compression stockings edema. The stockings really helped, but left a lot to be desired on the style front.

Cabucgayan biliran

I toke this picture last year.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Find a dentist

It is hard to believe, but before this spring, we had not visited a dentist in over two years. I think we have generally good dental hygiene, but my husband had been a little put off by our former family dentist. You see, during our prior visit a couple of years ago, our dentist advised my husband that he need a filling. He even showed my husband an x-ray that he said demonstrated that the procedure was necessary. Well, my husband was skeptical. Indeed, my husband bears a general mistrust of medical professionals, and his first thought was that he would seek a second opinion.
Well, that was where the difficulty arose. We generally like to obtain medical services from providers from our community. We never anticipated that we would have a problem trying to Find a Dentist. However, we found that there were few who had offices near our home and offered early morning office hours (which were necessary given the demands of my husband’s work schedule). As no one in the family had any dental emergency since our last dental exam, I guess we just let the visit slide a while. Fortunately, we really liked our new dentist. Her office was convenient and the entire staff was very professional. The best thing about our last visit was that the dentist expressly refuted the idea that my husband needed a filling!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

properties for sale in Hawaii

I recently look at some properties for sale in Hawaii. Because my husband told me last night that we may probably end up selling our property here in Virginia. We never thought about selling our house until the market crash in 2009 if I’m not mistaken. Since then my husband salary also went down. Well since there a possibility that my husband can found a new job in Hawaii. I was looking at some property there and believe me or not I really like all the properties that I found so far online. But the question I have in mind right now is do my husband can get a job in Hawaii. Well I know only time can answer my question. Whether or not we were able to buy a property in Hawaii.

Monday, August 8, 2011

online stock trading

I have now maintained an investment account for about two years. I first opened an online trading account at the suggestion of my husband. He thought that opening an account would help me learn about researching companies so that I could contribute to our family’s investment portfolio. Initially, I started with only one company’s stock in my investment portfolio. However, over the years the number and mix of large versus small companies as well as domestic versus international holdings in my portfolio has grown significantly. More importantly, I no longer need much guidance when I research companies to identify good, solid fundamentals for investment.
The growth in my comfort with investing did not come easily. Nor did I gain much knowledge or understanding quickly. Instead, I spent a significant amount of time over the past couple of years reading about investment strategies and learning all that I could about the basics of stock investing. There are several good sources of information on the internet if you are interested in improving your investment knowledge. Several address the basics of how stocks trade and provide a basic history of stock trading. Other websites provide both information and the tools required to proceed with your investment strategy. If, like me, you decide to pursue online stock trading , there are a host of resources that you can use to get started.
Recently, I have begun reading about option trading and day trading. Although both of those tactics remain beyond my comfort level, I am intrigued about the possibility of someday utilizing both approaches. For now, however, I will continue to sharpen my basic research skills and my knowledge of how the market works. It is my hope that as my knowledge increases, I can continue to make a greater contribution to our family’s long term investment goals.
Although my initial holding was an individual company stock, lately I have been reading more about mutual funds. My husband believes that individual stocks are always better than mutual funds unless the fund is a market index. His position is that with research, you can identify companies with sound fundamentals, growth strategy and management, and you will stand to do a lot better than investing in mutual funds, which are often assembled with the primary goal of limiting risk. The problem is that generally as you limit your risk, you also tend to limit your potential rewards. Although I concede that it might be difficult to keep up with market changes or material changes to several individual businesses, given that I have a long investing future ahead of me, I still think it is best that I focus on individual stocks.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hawaii Real Estate For Sale

My husband is very excited by the prospect of visiting with ServiceMaster sometime in the near future. Although his schedule can sometimes be quite unpredictable, but while he is busy I will do some research about property? Right now I am currently looking at this Hawaii Real Estate For Sale. Looking at this property is really beautiful and make me wish that my husband can afford to buy on one of this property. So that when the cold weather come we can go vacation in Hawaii and be back here when is summer time. But I know at this point is not gonna happen because right now my husband still looking for a new job. So it means we cannot afford to buy any nice property unless we win on lottery ticket.

My birthday cake

This is my birthday cake. When my husband came home last night carrying with this cake and other stuff in his hands, kids are shouting calling me mama daddy has cake. They were so happy saying happy birthday to me. Since it was already dark they thought that I don’t have any present or cake. Kids are always excited when this kind of celebration comes in one of your family member or friends relatives.