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Friday, January 21, 2011

accutane lawsuit

I just came home a while ago from Jasmine school, well I went ahead to Jasmine school after I drop off the package to the post office.
Well it was my first time that I send a package to my friends in Minnesota and Oklahoma. But anyhow while I was inline my daughter Tabitha was crying so I give her toy. So she stops for a while and then she started crying again so the women said I guess she is sleeping and I said yeah she is. So when we came home I directly went to the kitchen and make a bottle for her and put her in bed. Now I’m kind of relaxing here drinking coffee and reading accutane lawsuit review. Well I did not know that accutane is one of the acne treatment medicines. I’ve never know that there are so many acne treatment that you can find nowadays. I know only proactive well maybe it because I don’t use any acne medicine anymore. The last time I use acne treatment is 2004. The reasons why I stop using acne treatment it because I get pregnant with my first baby and it was not allowed to take any acne medication, well I guess it was normal because taking acne pills while pregnant can have side effects to the baby or to the mother.

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