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Saturday, March 26, 2011

BitDefender Total Security 2011

I was talking to one of my friends in facebook this afternoon. She was telling me that somebody is trying to hack on her account. I’m sure that you heard or read this kind of story before. But things like this have always good solution. I did a quick research on how to protect PC against viruses, hackers, spam, and identity theft, it keeps your data safe with features such as online backup and file encryption. The best solution that I found is this
internet security software . This is really good news because right now I am using the laptop of my husband. That I actually bought two years ago as a Christmas present. Since my husband allow me to use his laptop I will probably order this internet security software to prevent spam etc. Because you know I am always browsing online. So if I have this BitDefender installed on my husband laptop I don’t need to worry about virus detection etc. Well if you own business and need safety from your computer being scam. You should try this BitDefender internet security 2011. BitDefender's Centralized Management combines visibility into organization's security posture with remote endpoint auditing, configuration and policy enforcement. For Small Office / Home Office (up to 10 workstations) BitDefender recommends the stand-alone products without centralized management while BitDefender Security for File Servers protects also stand-alone servers in small offices. So if you are concern about your family data profile or if you have friends, relatives that have trouble on their computer BitDefender is one of the best solution.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Adirondack chair

Jasmine came home and run directly to our neighbor Adirondack chairs. Well that she usually do when the weather is very good, she will go and set to one of their Picnic Tables and she said today that we should have a picnic party. But I told her that I have so many things today maybe in the other time. Because you know it’s already spring here in the United States so the weather is getting warmer and warmer so there are more opportunity to go the park and she say okay. Well speaking of spring are you guys looking for Park Benches? Well I have something to recommend on you is called Site Furnishings this site offer they different type of summer furniture. So check it out for more details.

Thank you and happy Saint Patrick's Day.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Its 10:2 in the evening here my kids are already in their bed. Well, for the mean time while waiting my husband to came home I will check this Because the target of this website is both business owners looking for expert advice in whatever their field is or inquiry may be and business owners who are looking to gain more clients and consider themselves experts in their field. The goal of the site is to drive business questions. The questions are then routed through the engine to three consultants that fit the field of question and those three consultants in turn contact the prospect to offer an initial free consultation. From there it’s up to the consultants and prospects to continue doing business with each other. The consultants pay a monthly subscription for the leads based on their area of expertise. So if your also interesting about this site you are welcome to visit

Thanks and have a good evening.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nothing to do

At that moment I have nothing to do in mine so I toke the camera and take pictures of myself. I put the power G10 camera on timer while I was holding the other camera. I thought that was a good way to speed up the time while doing nothing.

dress up.

This me trying to take some good pictures of my self.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Bag is one of delicacies foods in Thailand. Most Thai people eat insects. They said that insects are very tasty and it’s very good with beer. When we are there last year a friend of mine offered these kinds of food and I said no thank you. Perhaps she forced me to test this kind of food. So as a respect I tried to eat and yeah it was good but the expression of my husband face was not so handsome. He said oh! Don’t kiss me okay and a Thai person was laughing.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Medical insurance

I must admit that with all of the controversy about health insurance over the past few years, I have begun to worry sometimes. Even after the passage of Health Care reform, the battle has continued to be waged both in the media and in the courts. There are some nerve wracking statistics out there about the availability of Medical insurance. I must admit that although our family seems to have good health coverage, I cannot help but think of what might happen if my husband were to become unemployed. Thus, I have recently begun to research medical insurance that might provide supplemental Medical insurancecoverage for our family.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

nursing scrubs

My sister Marisol had already two kinds and she still planning to go back school. I was telling her that if she wants to go to school who’s gonna take care of her small children while she is in school you know what I mean. Well I really want her to go back to school. But the thing is I am the one who pay her tuition and school supply, plush nursing scrubs, uniform you know. It well adds up the cost. However since my sister is planning to go to school next year. I will probably look for a scrub uniforms and see how much the cost. And if I can afford to buy it now I will go ahead and do that. So that when time comes I don’t need to worry about buying her uniforms only her tuition and the school supplies.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

dental plan

Couple of months ago one of my friends in Oklahoma keeps complaining about their medical plan . And she was asking me what kind of medical plan we have. Perhaps every time she asked me I need to come down stairs and look at the card and since I’m busy chatting with her and to my other friends. I always said wait I’ll go down stairs until I forgot. But now finally they have found a bitter dental plan . She said that on this AmeriPlan they have save few dollars on their budget. So now she is so excited about making a dental appointment.

business web hosting

Well I have been blogging for all most 3 years now. And I really enjoyed so far most of my friends told me that my English writing is getting better. Well maybe they are telling me that my writing is good now. Because they are my friends and they want me feel better and make me confident on my writing you know. But hey since blogging help me a lot on my daily routine. Meet a lot of friends online. I am thinking about this business web hosting. Since I already earn owned couples website. Well maybe I will think harder before go ahead and do it you know. Because right now most of my friends who teach me before to open a blog are now retire. Well they finally quite blogging since they already found a really job. That pays them real salary you know what I mean. But of course I still talk to them once in a while. But I will do some research about this business web hosting and see to myself. If I can really do it with involving any friends you know. Since I have already experience about web hosting. But anyhow let me do some research about this business web hosting before I go to bed so that is all for now.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Stun Guns

Well as of you know this morning while searching for staple gun. I came up to a website where all kinds of Stun Guns. So I stop on this site for a few second and brows their product. And since I am very curious about this Stun Master Cell Phone Stun Gun 800000 Volts Red. I click the product and I read the instruction on how it works and it was too simple to use you know.
But anyhow if you need Stun guns product you can defiantly visit or just click the high light words stun gun on this post. And it well take you to the right page.
Thanks and happy Tuesday to you all.