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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mom's Retirement

I wanted to get Mobile Broadband 4G for my mom since she spends a lot of her time now outdoors. She’s an avid hikers and is constantly driving from trail to trail which I suppose is not a bad way to spend your retirement! I like the idea of her having internet access even when she’s out in the woods just in case she needs to contact me or get in touch with park officials. She said she’d also love to be able to look up nearby trails as well and find maps that would help her navigate around the national parks. Her birthday was last month so I sprung for the 4G conn! ections – she was so excited! I can’t believe how much she uses it already, even though she’s yet to go on a hike! She uses it at home to do online shopping and get work done as well as send out emails to all the other grandkids. I hope one day when I retire I’m as active as my mom is!

Thanks for the guest post by Eugene Fulton

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