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Friday, May 27, 2011

rug cleaning solutions Austin

I am chatting with my sister right now but it looks like she is taking her time before responding to me. Thus, I am thinking that , maybe I should go ahead and read reviews of carpet cleaning companies austin. Because this morning when my husband came down to the basement he told me that he smelled a bad odor that he suspected may have come from the carpet. Since it was raining the other day, we expected that water had gotten onto the carpets and caused mold, which, in turn, resulted in strange odors.
But I guess that my husband was not thinking that the former owner of this house had a dog and removing the dog odor was one o the first problems that we had to address when we moved into this house. So now I should probably look into rug odor removal austin to see if something can be done to remove the odor, regardless of whether the cause was pet odors or mold.
I suspect that there are various professional services that offer rug cleaning solutions Austin, but it would be difficult to identify the best choice for our needs absent additional information. I would want to look at customer reviews and h rug cleaning prices Austin before making a decision as to the best service for us to use.

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