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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My idea of the perfect spring coat

Nothing says spring to me like some coat that's lightweight and in a light shade. Because even though I love to think about how spring is warm, most of the spring is actually still pretty chilly, hence the need for a spring coat. My old spring coat is looking a little tired nowadays and I thought I could help cheer up my post Valentine's Day single blues buy buying a new coat.
I checked out some of my favorite style blogs and websites to figure out what kind of coat would not only be in style, but be perfect for what I wanted. While I was online looking at coats, I came across a comparison of services. I read through it some and decided to sign up for a new internet plan after reading it.
Then I tracked down my essential spring coat. It's almost mint green, but just a tad bit more neutral than that. It has a tie at the waist and hits several inches above my knee, which is the perfect length to wear over spring sundresses.
Guest post written by Autumn Mann

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