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Monday, June 13, 2011

Travel cookbook

Last December, I went on the longest and most exotic vacation of my life. It covered four countries and about fourteen flights and even a two hour ferry ride. Although the trip was exhausting, it was an experience that resulted in several life-long memories. I am sure that we will treasure the experiences forever.
As we are now expecting our fourth child, I worry that our exotic vacations may become more rare as travel slowly becomes more expensive. Ultimately, once our youngest turns two years of age, we will need six full price tickets for any place that we travel. I guess that only way to control cost will be to rent vacation properties rather than staying in hotels. HomeAway UK is a company that offers vacation rentals throughout the world. On their website, you need only to enter your desired destination and travel dates to explore availability.
As many of the properties are apartments or condos, they come equipped with full kitchens so that you can save even more by preparing some of your own meals. If you are ever short on ideas about what type of foods to prepare, or even if you are just feeling adventurous, they offer a Travel cookbook that includes recipes from many countries around the world. My husband and I love Thai food, and I make it often at home. I looked at some of their recipes for Thai dishes and can tell you that they are authentic and permit you to prepare dishes just as they are prepared in Thailand.

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