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Sunday, July 31, 2011

plus size clothing

We are currently expecting our fourth child. I am really looking forward to the delivery and I am paying very close attention to the changes in y body as I proceed through my pregnancy. Thus, every day it seems like I get a little bigger and there are fewer articles of my clothing that I can wear. Normally, when I have been pregnant, my husband has taken me shopping to purchase new maternity clothes. However, in connection with my most recent pregnancy, he has not done so. As a result, I have purchased a few articles on my own. Although the clothing choices are growing more varied nowadays, in the past it has not always been so good. In fact, even today, I sometimes think plus size clothing provides more stylish and varied clothing options for pregnant women. Although such clothing sometimes assumes that you are big all over and therefore has the legs, neck and sleeves larger than they need to be. For the most part, many of the smaller plus size items fit well. For example, plus size jeans are generally okay so long as they are intended to be tight fitting. The waist usually determines the overall dimensions of jeans. This means that your jeans will need to be stretch jeans to ensure that you do not end up with an elephant leg look.

celebrating 100 years

Here are some pictures that I toke yesterday in down town DC. It was actually a 100 anniversary of my husband Omega Fraternity. Lots and lot of people attend and of course our kids has so much fun meeting with different folks. Since we come home late last night and sleep late. We also woke up late this morning so we don’t know yet what we are going to do today.
But let me get out here so that I can clean up a little and see what we can do today.
So happy Sunday to you all.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hawaii real estate for sale

The market slowly recovering. It means people are focusing on buying property and others investment product. This evening there are two friends of mine asking me whether we are interesting on buying property in Hawaii or in the Philippines. Because they know that my husband really loves to live close to the ocean where he can relax and watch the kids. Perhaps I told them that right now we are focusing remodeling our house. Just in case something happen to my husband job we can get a nice profit if we sale it.
Because right now we know that every single day you can find Hawaii real estate for sale or in the Philippines property for sale. So is not really a big deal for us. We also know that this is the perfect time to buy a property as investment. Perhaps my husband is worried on his career. So we stop thinking about buying property and focusing on improving our home. And we were hoping that we can buy property either in Hawaii or in the Philippines.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

appliance removal Chicago

It seems like we have been remodeling ever since we arrived in our home nearly three years ago. As we have demolished and rebuilt many aspects of our home and replaced various appliances, we have regularly needed to have items removed that are not covered by the normal refuse collection service in our area. For example, when we moved here, we immediately arranged to remove a number of trees in our back yard. The removal was needed because much of the property was overgrown. Also, with respect to our yard, which covers over one half acre, we need to have grass leaves and tree branches removed almost weekly during the spring and summer months.
With respect to the interior of our home, when we moved here we brought along a couple of queen size beds. However, we have now purchased full sized beds for each of our children. Thus, we have needed to arrange to have the mattresses picked up. Also, we have replaced our stove, dishwasher and garbage disposal with new or different products. We also are planning to replace our refrigerator. It sometimes seems like the list of projects may never end.
Fortunately, we quickly learned that appliance removal Chicago could address all of our haul away needs. All we ever needed to do to arrange a pick-up was call 1-800-got-junk. This is very convenient, and the prices of the service are quite reasonable.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

binary options brokers

I was looking at my E-trade account this afternoon while my kids were playing. As usual, there was still no improvement in the current valuation of my investment account. Currently, I am holding only one stock. Although the share price remains depressed, I remain confident that the company’s fundamentals are sound and that it will prove to be a solid long term investment. However, for several months now, I have been thinking about how I might diversify my holdings. I recently read about trading in binary options . It sounds like a promising way to earn some cash. Because E-Trade does not yet trade in binary options, the first step is for me to search for a good broker. Fortunately, I was able to identify a website that specializes in binary options brokers . I found the site to be particularly informative because in addition to providing a list of brokers and certain summary information about their policies, the site also includes some useful background information about binary option trading generally. It appears that most of the brokers require only a small initial investment, so I think I should certainly expand my holdings to include binary options. You never know. They just might yield more impressive long term gains than the overall stock market.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Have some fun at Hard Rock cafe

Hard Rock Café is very crowded restaurant I guess everybody is satisfied on their service. Last weekend we ate at Hard Rock Café and there were two different person birthday celebrants having great time. And of course we also have great time there eating our lunch. I was thinking this morning since my birthday is coming very soon.
Instead of cooking at home I will just take my family and couple friends at hard rock café. That way I can save time and money. Because if I cook I have to go to Asian market and regular grocery store in advance and for me it’s too much. So I’m thinking that it’s better for me to celebrate my birthday in hard rock café or other restaurant that I can save some money.
But anyhow I have more time to think about what I’m going to do on my birthday.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Good contest prizes

Hello bloggers readers how are you doing this evening. Well I have good news for you guys before I will go to sleep. This evening while surfing online, I have come across to a website contest. Their first place giving away is $250 cash. So if you are interested to join on this contest please don’t hesitate to visit this and win 250 dollar cash in your hand.

Happy 43 birthday auntie

This is my aunt holding on her 43 birthday cake. Wish her happy year and more birthday to come in her life.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

smokeless cigarette

I heard on the news today that the county where we formerly lived is considering the passage of new regulations relating to public smoking. Although I am not a smoker, I really empathize with them because governments continue to try and regulate private behavior like smoking. As smoking bans continue to spread across the country, one recent development that may provide an adequate solution for smokers is the electric cigarette. Based upon what I have read, electric cigarettes taste just like regular cigarette, but without the smoke. Instead, both the flavor and the nicotine are transmitted via an atomizer. It is really an elegant idea that seems to directly address the public concerns with second hand smoke. In fact, they even offer a smokeless cigarette that has no nicotine! Thus, they may also be useful for people who are trying to quit smoking.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

K6 herbal incense

I love the smell of potpourri and incense. The both add a very earthy aroma to most any room. I think they are especially welcome when entertaining guests or throwing a party. K6 herbal incense is among the most potent incense that you can buy, and with such strength, it would always smell wonderful. Speaking of throwing a party, Herbal City LLC is a great source for party enhancers . With certain of their products, you would certainly be in a position to create the perfect ambience for your next big party. They also offer a wide selection of Spiritual powders that are sure to help ensure that your next party is one that will be remembered and talked about for ages. So, I suggest that you check out the herbal city website. They offer a wide assortment of products that will blow your mind.

Busy morning

What a busy morning arranging my groceries.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Sometimes I wonder what it would take to be a successful online business. Is there really any difference between what is required for on online business versus a brick-and-mortar company? Ultimately, the core issues leading to success seem to relate to having a good product, offering good services and a sound advertising or marketing campaign that effectively gets the word out to potential customers. In the vast internet, I would imagine that core marketing would play a fairly large role. Because there are so many alternatives available online, it would be important to direct your marketing efforts to persons who are interested in your product or service.

I recently learned that there are companies out there whose primary service is to deliver targeted leads to businesses. Basically, for a small fee, these businesses offer contact information for potential customers who have recently searched for a product or service like a mortgage or financial services, for example. I imagine that when we were looking to upgrade our insurance last year, a company such as this may have provided our name as a targeted lead to competing insurance companies, as we started to receive solicitations shortly after our initial inquiry. We also were contacted by entities that provided similar or related services .

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

logo mats

Recently, I have been thinking about different ways to expand my business. One means of doing so would be to participate in a trade show. I have attended a trade show with my husband in the past. One of the things that I remember was all of the many displays and activity. Each booth seemed to try and out do the others to increase traffic.
There were several different ways in which participants tried to get attention. Sometimes, they had attractive young women associated with their site. Many of the booths had a logo canopy and/or logo mats that displayed their names and trademarks. Some of the bigger booths even had customized, digitally printed trade show flooring that displayed their logos and names. I thought a combination of the customized canopies and floors usually had the best impact. Thus, whenever I have an opportunity to participate, I will likely choose both of this trade show carpet

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July to you all

Wish you have a great evening watching the fireworks with your love ones.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

hawaii cruises

Although I have taken long trips over bodies of water, I have never taken a formal cruise. Every trip I have taken to date has amounted to little more than a long ferry ride. My husband seems to think that cruises are for relaxation and not for adventure. Thus, he prefers to wait until we are older before we take a cruise so that we can focus our youth on more adventurous journeys. Although there may be some merit to his position, I disagree with a portion of the underlying premise. A land based vacation could be just as laid back as a cruise. Also, you could have plenty of fun and adventure while traveling on a cruise ship. First of all, I know that some cruises stop at many ports and allow passengers to go ashore and explore the local culture. Also, there are so many activities available aboard ship, that it could hardly be classified as purely for relaxation.
Lately, I have been considering possible cruise destinations. Recently, my in-laws took cruises through the Caribbean and to Hawaii. Although either option would be appealing, I think hawaii cruises are particularly appealing. First of all, Hawaii is absolutely gorgeous. The locals are nice, and the cultural heritage is rich enough that it would likely never get boring. I have read that the cuisine is excellent, and has retained much of its traditional elements. Also, unlike many of the Caribbean destinations, a cruise to Hawaii itself is actually quite substantial, lasting a more than just a couple of hours or days.

Custom Labels

We went shopping on yesterday for new home appliances. We are in the process of upgrading our kitchen and all of our appliances. We are in need of a replacement cooktop, microwave, convection oven and refrigerator. We recently purchased a dishwasher which should be delivered shortly. While we were at the appliance store, the sales person told us about a company that offers both a standard and a high-end, luxury brand. He had samples of cooktops from the company representing both product lines. Actually, the items looked very similar and it occurred to me that the primary difference between the two was probably just branding and labeling. People seem to be quite willing to pay a premium for a Custom Label even when they know that the underlying product may be of similar – if not the same, quality.
Thus, as I continue to pursue my ambition to expand my online business to include product sales, I recognize that having Custom Labels may be very important to my future profitability. If I can identify products of high quality but reasonable per unit wholesale cost, and affix to them a high end label, the specialized branding may have the effect of driving sales. Accordingly, I will certainly keep custom labeling companies like Datagraphics on my short list of suppliers for my business as it continues to grow and develop.

stuffed toys animals

This is what I notice to my kids every time they saw this stuffed toys animals look mama. And if you let them see it closely they will said I want this one and if you let them choice which they want. They will choice everything so if we saw this stuffed toys animals at the mall or at the zoo. I just ignore this stuff because if I let the kids watch this stuff they will drive me crazy. We have so many stuffed animals at home because every time my husband well goes for bossiness trip. This is what he always get as a present for his children and his kids is happy.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Business Credit Cards

Everyone who knows me has probably heard me talking about starting a business. It has been my ambition for a few years now. I have already started a small online business, but after a couple of years in operation, I wonder how I might make my business grow. Well, the most obvious impediment to growth is the availability of funding. I used my own money to get set up. However, I worry that it is not such a good idea to continue to use personal funds to supplement business expenses. I think it would be better if my business obtained its own line of credit to finance operations and expansion.
There is a very helpful website called that provides a lot of useful information about how to get access to business credit. It describes several ways to go about obtaining business credit and shopping for Business Credit Cards. It also contains a lot of useful background information relating to credit, like why you need it and the differences between business credit and personal credit. It is definitely a website that is worth checking out.

badminton net

I love to play sports. When I was younger, it seems that I was doing something sports related on almost a daily basis. Initially, it could be something as simple as kicking a ball around. Later, as I got older, I spent a lot of time swimming and playing badminton. After I got married, I continued to swim and occasionally play badminton with my husband. I am hopeful that now since we have almost completed the renovation of our backyard, maybe now we can add a badminton net so that we can play more regularly.