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Friday, July 1, 2011

Business Credit Cards

Everyone who knows me has probably heard me talking about starting a business. It has been my ambition for a few years now. I have already started a small online business, but after a couple of years in operation, I wonder how I might make my business grow. Well, the most obvious impediment to growth is the availability of funding. I used my own money to get set up. However, I worry that it is not such a good idea to continue to use personal funds to supplement business expenses. I think it would be better if my business obtained its own line of credit to finance operations and expansion.
There is a very helpful website called that provides a lot of useful information about how to get access to business credit. It describes several ways to go about obtaining business credit and shopping for Business Credit Cards. It also contains a lot of useful background information relating to credit, like why you need it and the differences between business credit and personal credit. It is definitely a website that is worth checking out.

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