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Sunday, July 3, 2011

hawaii cruises

Although I have taken long trips over bodies of water, I have never taken a formal cruise. Every trip I have taken to date has amounted to little more than a long ferry ride. My husband seems to think that cruises are for relaxation and not for adventure. Thus, he prefers to wait until we are older before we take a cruise so that we can focus our youth on more adventurous journeys. Although there may be some merit to his position, I disagree with a portion of the underlying premise. A land based vacation could be just as laid back as a cruise. Also, you could have plenty of fun and adventure while traveling on a cruise ship. First of all, I know that some cruises stop at many ports and allow passengers to go ashore and explore the local culture. Also, there are so many activities available aboard ship, that it could hardly be classified as purely for relaxation.
Lately, I have been considering possible cruise destinations. Recently, my in-laws took cruises through the Caribbean and to Hawaii. Although either option would be appealing, I think hawaii cruises are particularly appealing. First of all, Hawaii is absolutely gorgeous. The locals are nice, and the cultural heritage is rich enough that it would likely never get boring. I have read that the cuisine is excellent, and has retained much of its traditional elements. Also, unlike many of the Caribbean destinations, a cruise to Hawaii itself is actually quite substantial, lasting a more than just a couple of hours or days.

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