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Sunday, July 31, 2011

plus size clothing

We are currently expecting our fourth child. I am really looking forward to the delivery and I am paying very close attention to the changes in y body as I proceed through my pregnancy. Thus, every day it seems like I get a little bigger and there are fewer articles of my clothing that I can wear. Normally, when I have been pregnant, my husband has taken me shopping to purchase new maternity clothes. However, in connection with my most recent pregnancy, he has not done so. As a result, I have purchased a few articles on my own. Although the clothing choices are growing more varied nowadays, in the past it has not always been so good. In fact, even today, I sometimes think plus size clothing provides more stylish and varied clothing options for pregnant women. Although such clothing sometimes assumes that you are big all over and therefore has the legs, neck and sleeves larger than they need to be. For the most part, many of the smaller plus size items fit well. For example, plus size jeans are generally okay so long as they are intended to be tight fitting. The waist usually determines the overall dimensions of jeans. This means that your jeans will need to be stretch jeans to ensure that you do not end up with an elephant leg look.

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