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Monday, August 29, 2011

cigarrest complaints

I was reading a cigarrest review earlier today and learned that there is a lot more to the product than I originally thought. I had heard of the Cigarrest gum which reportedly helps smokers by replacing smoker’s oral fixation on smoking. I suspect that it might also help to reduce weight gain because if folks are chewing gum, they are prevented from addressing their oral fixation by eating more. I think the Cigarrest system is one of the first, major, nationally available products designed to help people quit smoking. Indeed, I think the fact that t as been around for so long is a strong testament to the effectiveness of the system. Also, when I search for cigarrest complaints , there do not appear to be many unsatisfied customers. Although my husband only smokes an occasional cigar, I wonder whether something like cigarrest might help him to kick the “habit” altogether and live smoke free. One of many things that I recently learned about Cigarrest is that it is a lot more than just gum. There are also smoker’s vitamins, chewable tablets and even an audio CD that helps users how to stay smoke free. Ultimately, that is the goal of every smoker out there who has ever contemplated breaking their smoking habit.

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