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Monday, August 15, 2011

compression stockings edema

My husband and I now have three children. I am currently pregnant with our fourth and final child. Both my first and second pregnancies went very smoothly without any surprises or concerns. However, during my third pregnancy certain health issues began to emerge. The first problem was that I was diagnosed with low thyroid function. Initially, my husband and I were very concerned about this as everything that we read on the internet suggested that it could lead to very serious problems. However, when we went to see a specialist, he ultimately convinced us that the condition was not necessarily cause for worry. However, later in the pregnancy, I developed a problem with varicose veins. Although our doctor assured us that the condition could not harm the baby, I was also told that nothing could be done about the veins until after I delivered the baby. Meanwhile, I was given a prescription for compression stockings edema. The stockings really helped, but left a lot to be desired on the style front.

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