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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Find a dentist

It is hard to believe, but before this spring, we had not visited a dentist in over two years. I think we have generally good dental hygiene, but my husband had been a little put off by our former family dentist. You see, during our prior visit a couple of years ago, our dentist advised my husband that he need a filling. He even showed my husband an x-ray that he said demonstrated that the procedure was necessary. Well, my husband was skeptical. Indeed, my husband bears a general mistrust of medical professionals, and his first thought was that he would seek a second opinion.
Well, that was where the difficulty arose. We generally like to obtain medical services from providers from our community. We never anticipated that we would have a problem trying to Find a Dentist. However, we found that there were few who had offices near our home and offered early morning office hours (which were necessary given the demands of my husband’s work schedule). As no one in the family had any dental emergency since our last dental exam, I guess we just let the visit slide a while. Fortunately, we really liked our new dentist. Her office was convenient and the entire staff was very professional. The best thing about our last visit was that the dentist expressly refuted the idea that my husband needed a filling!

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