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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Jaco Costa Rica vacations

My husband has taken fantastic vacations to Costa Rica two occasions. But, unfortunately, I have not yet had an opportunity to visit. On one occasion, he went on his birthday along with one of his friends and his wife. While my husband remained in the capital city, his friends, Jason and Becky, went to a resort on the Pacific coast. They returned from their trip with beautiful pictures of the ocean and rain forests. In fact, the pictures were so intriguing that whenever I have an opportunity to go, I think I would probably prefer to skip the capital of San Jose and just go straight to the beach.
I performed a bit of internet research into beaches on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, and the most fascinating appears to be Jaco beach. I suspect that we could probably book Jaco Costa Rica vacations much more economically that our last trip to Asia. As our children are growing, one of the issues that will become more important for us will be accommodations. This is because many hotels impose limits on the number of children who can accompany their parents in a single room. Thus, we would be prime candidates for Jaco condo rentals rather than focusing on hotel rooms.

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