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Monday, August 15, 2011

TVee model 30 soundbar

It looks like my husband is preparing to ‘kick the tires’ relating to the sound system we have in our family room. I happen to think that our current sound system is perfectly fine. However, I know that my husband was never completely satisfied with the in-wall speakers that he purchased and installed shortly after we purchased our home. Instead, he has been paying really close attention to complete speaker systems. One that he has been checking out lately is made by Boston Acoustics and is called the TVee model 30 soundbar. I think the product is intended to serve as a center channel speaker, but it is publicized as a product that offers a more full bodied sound. I do not think that we necessarily need a full range speaker system. This is especially the case given that we already have a subwoofer and a powered center channel speaker set up in our family room. That said, I know that when my husband gets his mind set on something, it is quite difficult to make him change his mind.

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