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Sunday, September 4, 2011

ash handling systems

My husband is a corporate attorney who represents clients in a number of industries. He sometimes tells me how he believes the ultimate client relationship for him is one in which he offers general counseling services beyond just focusing on legal issues. He has described a few client relationships that seem to fit the mold, but he is constantly searching for ways to improve upon all of his client relationships.
One of the companies that he represents is a US subsidiary of a Swedish company that has manufacturing facilities in the North Eastern United States. The company is involved in a sort of steel casting business commonly referred to as powdered metals. The reason why I thought of this company is that the facility looks a lot like what you would expect in a steel mill or foundry. Because of all of the steel works, I suspect that the facility would have a need for certain ancillary services like ash handling systems. I recently learned about a company that is renowned in this area, and I think it might be a nice gesture if my husband made a referral to his client to let them know that he is thinking about non-legal issues that might be affecting them.

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