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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

book publishing

I have been writing regularly for nearly three years now. It started slowly, when I first started blogging. But over the years I have slowly written more and more until now. Over the past several months, I think I have begun to write almost daily. Most of my writing is descriptive blogging, but some is actually creative. I enjoy the creative process and I hope that in time I learn to write even better.
My husband is a great writer. If you asked him, he would probably say that he writes for a living. As a corporate attorney, I think that would not be too far from the truth of it. In any event, he has been writing for decades and I think his creative writing is almost indistinguishable from some professional authors. I recall that during his Peace Corps service he used to write summaries of his experiences. Many of his friends and family members commented on the high quality of his writing. Given his talent, I think it would be cool if he were to consider book publishing some of his work. I know he likes science fiction, so maybe he could write a sci-fi story that is worth publishing. In the alternative, I know that he already has a collection of poetry, and I think some of it would be perfect for publishing.

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