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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cheapest phone call to the the Philippines

This is what I’m notice to my older sister every time she will text me, she will text about money, money, money. What a very disappointment text from her. I have been texted her the other day that I will send money if I have enough money to send at the end of this month. Perhaps I got another text this morning telling me that I really need to send money. Because there are lot of people trying steal the building materials that they bought last month. This word is always in her text every time she wills text to me. It makes me hard attack you know. I know there is way to keep these materials safe from people who wants to still. But they just been lazy or I don’t know what they are thinking. They are very annoying oh! I don’t know I would love to make a phone call to my sister. But since I am trying to save some money I’ll prepare to text since its free.

1 comment:

nandy said...

this is funny :-)

anyway i'll share a tip how Filipinos abroad can make unlimited-free call (we'll almost cuz it requires a post-paid Internet connection) to their family in the Philippines. it's reachable from 37 countries. just search MagicBox.PH. that's it.