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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hot air generators

We eat lots of seafood. In fact, I suspect that I have fish or some other seafood product nearly five days per week. Although my family and I consume lots of fish, our seafood consumption likely pales in comparison to that of my family in the Philippines.
One of the things that I really enjoy is dried fish. When I was a child, small dried fish (that were about the size of sardines or anchovies) were a regular snack that we ate – perhaps as common for us as eating crackers is for American kids.
Whenever someone was preparing dried fish, they would sometimes store the fish in salt for a time to dry it out. At other times, they would just hang the fish outdoors in the sun to dry. Well, with knowledge of how the process of drying seafood works in the Philippines, you might anticipate my surprise and excitement when I learned about industrial Hot air dryers . One of the advertised features and applications of these dryers is for drying seafood and other food products. There are both standard and high capacity Hot air generators . It is my sense that the high capacity products would be overkill for just drying seafood, thus a standard model should be more than sufficient for our needs.

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