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Saturday, September 3, 2011

San Antonio Cosmetic Dentistry

We had been avoiding our annual dental visit for a while until earlier this year. But, I am glad that we finally scheduled a visit. You see, the issue arose during our prior dental appointment. Up until then, we had been making annual visits for cleanings and checkups. During the visit, our family dentist told my husband that he would need to have a filling. My husband didn’t believe him and basically decided that he would get a second opinion. That was easier said than done. Our old dentist was less than 2 miles from our home. We basically wanted to keep close to home if possible. We also wanted to find a dentist who had appointments for 8:00 am (or earlier) to be compatible with my husband’s work schedule. Well, it was during our search that we learned how difficult it can be to find a good dentist. I imagine that it would be similarly challenging to find a good San Antonio Texas Dentist or Chicago Dentist. We were also concerned that our five year old daughter’s teeth might grow-in crooked. You see, a new tooth was growing in before the old tooth had fallen out. I imagine that San Antonio Cosmetic Dentistry, Washington, DC cosmetic dentistry or any other such dental specialists would know whether anything would be required or should be done about our daughter’s teeth

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