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Thursday, September 1, 2011

truck driving jobs

The wife of one of my husband’s childhood friends in Memphis, Tennessee, works for a trucking company. In fact, we recently learned that his friend’s son also got a job at the same company. The last time that we were in Memphis, I spoke to the wife about her job. Basically, she works in the home office of a trucking company. Her job is to communicate with the various drivers about their deliveries and related matters. Before our conversation, I had no idea that so much was involved in making a delivery by truck.
Interestingly, one of my brothers in law, who also lives in Memphis, Tennessee, holds a CDL license that permits him to drive certain large vehicles. However, he explained that he was not authorized to drive vehicles with air brakes. His license was basically a chauffer’s license. He could drive some pretty large vehicles such as large vans and buses, so long as the vehicle did not include air brakes.
Recently, my husband has been trying to encourage his brother to re-locate to the DC area. He explained that in the DC area he believed that there were plenty of truck driving jobs . This was not the case in Memphis where his brother lives and where the market is more depressed. Indeed, I heard him tell his brother that he was confident that there were drivers wanted for many companies in the area. One need only look in the weekend newspaper want ads to get a sense of how great the need is for drivers in the DC area.

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