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Sunday, September 4, 2011

I have lived in the United States for over four years now. In the time that I have been here, I have had two additional daughters (with one on the way), purchased my first home, purchased my first car – an SUV, and taken one trip back to Asia to visit with my family and friends. One of the things that I have thought a lot about lately is becoming a United States citizen and attending college. In my view, these things are related. Continuing my education would, no doubt, strengthen my communication skills and my depth of knowledge about United States civics and history. I am confident that this would help me to pass the citizenship exam. However, one big barrier for me attending college is that I am a homemaker who will soon have four small children. Childcare is expensive and childcare for four kids is very expensive. Thus, I expect that I would need to focus on online degree programs so that I could continue to look after my children. There are many such programs out there to choose from. Based upon my research, Walden University’s online degree programs may be among the better choices for homemakers like me. You can lean about Walden at their website at The site contains a wealth of information useful to anyone who is considering an online degree.

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