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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wondering when I can finish my father new home.

I thought that I can finish my father new home this year. But unfortunately looks like that not going to happen. Since we have so many bills to pay, I hope my sister will help me finish my project. She told me yesterday that she have part time job. But she is also hopping that she can find regular job. So that she can help me finish the house of our father in the Philippines. It’s really hard to find job nowadays especially if you did not graduate college.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Cape Cod vacation rentals

I think I have heard of two families who vacationed on Cape Cod this past year. I wondered what it was about the area that made it so appealing. According to Google maps, the Cape is composed of a peninsula and nearby islands along the coast of Massachusetts. The place that I hear about the most is Martha’s Vineyard. It seems to be very popular with both the rich and famous and with regular people. A quick internet search of the vineyard revealed some lovely images of the area. In fact, I liked what I saw so much that I decided to look into Cape Cod vacation rentals . We decided this past year that going forward we needed to focus on rentals rather than hotels in light of the size of our growing family. The problem is that with three children (which is soon to be four) we often face additional charges when we stay at hotels. Thus, we have learned that furnished apartments, executive residences and condo and single family home rentals will likely be the way to go for our family in future vacations.

electronic payments

Sometimes it really annoys me when someone ahead of me in line at the grocery store decides to write a check rather than using a credit or debit card. I then wish that there was a corresponding technology upgrade in all of the stores where we shop. I know that the technology for Electronic Payments has been around for decades. However, some people - especially seniors – have been slow to adopt the technology. I think one reason for this is a general mistrust of electronic payment systems among seniors and resistance to change. I think that one thing that could help would be stronger and more standardized security measures. It would also help if we could go through a few years with limited or no major stories of widespread identity theft where some cyber criminals acquire the credit and debit card numbers of thousands of people. Those types of events certainly do little to inspire confidence in skeptical members of the public. I think this must all begin with the electronic payment practices of retailers, which people use most often. If retailers fall in line, I suspect that much of the danger of electronic identity theft would be tamed.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kauai real estate

One of our friends from Thailand is currently visiting the United States. He and his wife began their American journey in Hawaii. He sent lovely and detailed messages describing the beauty of the island and the historical sites related to World War II at Pearl Harbor as well as the local culture. He mentioned many beautiful homes that he has visited, which made me think about what it might be like to live there. He visited each of the main islands, including Kauai, which is the fourth largest.
I wonder what the Kauai real estate market is like these days. I know that the real estate market on the mainland remains gripped in one of the deepest market down-turns in the nation’s history. I would imagine that if the real estate market in Hawaii has suffered similarly, there may be some real bargains available for single family homes and condominiums. A quick review of available listings shows that there are properties to fit almost any price range, although many of the listings reflect prices that are probably out of reach of most Americans.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Joan is my favorite

I checked out direct Tv since I can't rely on my boyfriend to let me watch whatever I want at his place. The nerve, right?! Just kidding. He is the best. Ad I love all things fashion related, I love watching that show on E that Joan Rivers hosts. You know the one where she tears apart the celebreties for their fashion choices on the red carpet? She gives credit when it's due, though. And I usually agree with her. But when she doesn't like something, she is BRUTAL. And sometimes I think she doesn't think about how some people are just being true to who they are. Like Helena Bonham Carter. I'm like, "Leave that poor woman alone! She's quirky!" Joan has a great sense of humor, though. I hope I'm that funny when I'm her age. Sans the over the top plastic surgery. I don't think that would suit me.
Author: Jonathan Suarez

Are you ready for Halloween.

Well advance happy Halloween everyone I hope your kids costumes are ready now.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

occupational health

I wonder what it would be like to work in a hospital. I have been exposed both to physicians and aspiring physicians as well as to other medical professionals such as nurses and hospital administrators. I am not sure which role I would find more appealing. I guess that on the surface, it would seem that working as a physician would be the ideal role for one who worked in a hospital – for no other reason except that physicians stand at the top (or nearly the top) of hospital administrative and professional staff.
On the other hand, working in hospital administration would give one the authority to impact the lives of many more people than any single physician. Also, I might have an opportunity to deal with overarching policies and issues like occupational health which permeate the entire medical profession. There are recurrent challenges such as data collection and reporting that have been identified by the United States president and many congressional leaders as being critical to better streamlining the delivery of medical services. Thus, I would welcome the challenge of attempting to tackle such problems with the promise that my success would mean a lot to so many.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Walden University's online degree programs

After reflection on the life paths taken by my loved ones, I am beginning to think that a person’s education is probably one of the most significant predictors of a person’s financial security. I know that I have read about studies over the years that support this proposition. I know that many people find education to be un-accessible after high school because of the extraordinary costs involved. But then there are other people like my sister who serve as an example of how one can pursue their education through low-cost online or correspondence degree programs. One institution that offer’s such an option is Walden University's online degree programs . Although its degree programs certainly are not cheap, they tend to be more affordable than many four year universities. Also, to the extent that financial aid remains a necessity, there are many resources that a person can turn to in order to finance. But anyhow to learn about Walden please visit
Thanks and have a wonderful Thursday.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

office property management Jackson Mississippi

It has been a long time since I have visited the southern United States. When I first arrived in the United States, our family traveled to Memphis, Tennessee a couple of times. I think the last visit was in 2008. Although one of my aunts lives in nearby Jackson, Mississippi, unfortunately I never managed to visit with her when I visited the Memphis area.
Speaking of my aunt, she has been quite busy lately. She mentioned to me the other day that she wants to open a store in Jackson. To do so would be the achievement of a lifelong dream to start a business. I told her that although I thought that was a wonderful decision, she needed to be careful about selecting a location. Also important would be the professionalism of the property management company that she chooses. A quick internet search was all we needed to determine the lay of the land regarding office property management Jackson Mississippi and the services provided. I suggested to her that she should find a property manager that understands that she will be establishing a start-up business and who offers terms and services that are appropriate for the risk involved. I hope that she is successful in the pursuit of her dream.

Trick or treat at six flags.

I went to the mall this morning to look for a costume for my oldest daughter. Perhaps I could not decide what kind of costume I should buy for my oldest daughter. So I decide to by some Christmas gift since I’m already at the mall. There was so many things on sale perhaps my budget is limited. But anyhow that is all for now. I will probably start decorating Halloween d├ęcor since my kids are taking their nap.

Monday, October 10, 2011


A couple of years ago, my husband and I discussed purchasing rental property in lieu of our first home. Our primary interest was in apartment or condominium buildings. The idea came from one of my husband’s former college classmates who held significant income generating rental properties. We were impressed that such properties generally paid for themselves through rental income. Although we ultimately decided to purchase a home, we are now considering rental or other income generating properties again.
In light of the real estate market down turn, there are now many bargains to be had in the commercial real estate market. We have yet to determine the best type of project to pursue. We suspect that condominium conversion projects may be a good choice with great potential. However, we are nervous about the conversion costs. My husband prefers to focus on apartment buildings. In his view, you have not made a successful investment unless the asset pays you money. This is one of the primary benefits of good apartment buildings. If the property is well run, oftentimes the rental income pays for any mortgage as well as maintenance and property taxes.
We think an ideal investment would be a property that we could lease to a retail business or office. In our experience, such properties tend to be on the expensive side, however. Thus, key for us would be identifying something that we could afford.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

breast cancer awareness products

Breast cancer is a terrible disease. I was reading about the condition recently and learned that it remains one of the biggest annual killers of Western women. Fortunately, there are scores of professionals who have devoted their lives to finding treatments and a cure for all forms of breast cancer. On the negative side, I still think that a lot of people know little about the condition.
Given the amount of ignorance about breast cancer, I think breast cancer awareness products can play a huge role in how the public perceives the disease and the resources that are allocated to fight it. When I think about all of the research and monetary investment that went into the development of erectile dysfunction treatments, I know that lot more could be done to fight breast cancer.
The first step in impacting the allocation of resources is to improve public awareness. I have decided that I will wear a pink pin, which has become synonymous with breast cancer research and treatment, whenever I go out. I figure that in my small way, I can help increase the visibility of the disease and get people to focus on it when they otherwise would not.

skin tightening

With our last child due to arrive in less than two months, I am beginning to think about what I can do to get back in shape. I suppose that keeping active, having a regular exercise routine, and watching my diet is the best way to get in shape and stay healthy. However, I worry that since I am older and have now had several children, my body may not return to its original form this time. I have heard of certain surgical procedures that you can have done that can help with skin tightening as a supplement to your exercise and diet. Also, I regularly hear about topical products that you can rub onto your body. Those products are supposed to help tighten your skin as well.
In addition to the surgical procedures and topical solutions, I understand that there are also medical, non-surgical procedures that can help tighten your skin. I think these procedures involve injections which work directly on problem areas.
Although I am nervous about utilizing any of the surgical solutions, the photos that I have seen of before and after cases, all seem to reflect astonishing results. Thus, depending on how things go after our baby arrives, I may find myself with yet another physician to help work on my recovery.

six flags time.

Getting ready for six flags. What about you guys what are you going to do today. Will I hope everybody has great weekend.

Monday, October 3, 2011

baby blankets

Time file so fast I am now 8 months pregnant with our 4th child and I am debating whether or not I need to buy more cashmere baby blanket. Will maybe I should buy more since I give away some of the fleece baby blanket that I had use when Jasmine is a baby. Last summer I give away most of my baby stuff to my younger sister in the Philippines. Because I figure that if I get pregnant again I can easily buy new one. Now that I can drive I can definitely go ahead and shop for baby stuff. I know choosing the best stuff for your new born baby is very excited part of your pregnancy. Especially if you are new parent nothing more excited but the comfort of your new born baby.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Polish translation companies

My husband is a corporate attorney who specializes in international mergers and acquisitions. A few years ago, he worked on a very large transaction that involved a sale by one of his clients of business located in Italy, France, the UK and Poland. Although the purchase agreement was in English, there were parallel local documents that were in the local languages. In some cases, there were people on his team who spoke the relevant language, but for others he explained that they had to retain a translation service. Although translation issues have not arisen a lot for my husband due to the fact that in such a large law firm, there are people who are fluent in many languages, sometimes the issue still comes up. During the deal that I mentioned, I understand that they used a translation service for both the Italian and Polish documents. Although his firm had people who spoke both languages, the y struggled when asked to offer a legal translation. Polish translators are generally needed for financial or legal translations. There are a few Polish translation agencies that seem to stand out from the others. This is because there are few Polish translation companies that can boast that they offer accredited translators.