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Saturday, October 8, 2011

breast cancer awareness products

Breast cancer is a terrible disease. I was reading about the condition recently and learned that it remains one of the biggest annual killers of Western women. Fortunately, there are scores of professionals who have devoted their lives to finding treatments and a cure for all forms of breast cancer. On the negative side, I still think that a lot of people know little about the condition.
Given the amount of ignorance about breast cancer, I think breast cancer awareness products can play a huge role in how the public perceives the disease and the resources that are allocated to fight it. When I think about all of the research and monetary investment that went into the development of erectile dysfunction treatments, I know that lot more could be done to fight breast cancer.
The first step in impacting the allocation of resources is to improve public awareness. I have decided that I will wear a pink pin, which has become synonymous with breast cancer research and treatment, whenever I go out. I figure that in my small way, I can help increase the visibility of the disease and get people to focus on it when they otherwise would not.

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