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Friday, October 21, 2011

Cape Cod vacation rentals

I think I have heard of two families who vacationed on Cape Cod this past year. I wondered what it was about the area that made it so appealing. According to Google maps, the Cape is composed of a peninsula and nearby islands along the coast of Massachusetts. The place that I hear about the most is Martha’s Vineyard. It seems to be very popular with both the rich and famous and with regular people. A quick internet search of the vineyard revealed some lovely images of the area. In fact, I liked what I saw so much that I decided to look into Cape Cod vacation rentals . We decided this past year that going forward we needed to focus on rentals rather than hotels in light of the size of our growing family. The problem is that with three children (which is soon to be four) we often face additional charges when we stay at hotels. Thus, we have learned that furnished apartments, executive residences and condo and single family home rentals will likely be the way to go for our family in future vacations.

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