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Friday, October 21, 2011

electronic payments

Sometimes it really annoys me when someone ahead of me in line at the grocery store decides to write a check rather than using a credit or debit card. I then wish that there was a corresponding technology upgrade in all of the stores where we shop. I know that the technology for Electronic Payments has been around for decades. However, some people - especially seniors – have been slow to adopt the technology. I think one reason for this is a general mistrust of electronic payment systems among seniors and resistance to change. I think that one thing that could help would be stronger and more standardized security measures. It would also help if we could go through a few years with limited or no major stories of widespread identity theft where some cyber criminals acquire the credit and debit card numbers of thousands of people. Those types of events certainly do little to inspire confidence in skeptical members of the public. I think this must all begin with the electronic payment practices of retailers, which people use most often. If retailers fall in line, I suspect that much of the danger of electronic identity theft would be tamed.

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