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Monday, October 17, 2011

Joan is my favorite

I checked out direct Tv since I can't rely on my boyfriend to let me watch whatever I want at his place. The nerve, right?! Just kidding. He is the best. Ad I love all things fashion related, I love watching that show on E that Joan Rivers hosts. You know the one where she tears apart the celebreties for their fashion choices on the red carpet? She gives credit when it's due, though. And I usually agree with her. But when she doesn't like something, she is BRUTAL. And sometimes I think she doesn't think about how some people are just being true to who they are. Like Helena Bonham Carter. I'm like, "Leave that poor woman alone! She's quirky!" Joan has a great sense of humor, though. I hope I'm that funny when I'm her age. Sans the over the top plastic surgery. I don't think that would suit me.
Author: Jonathan Suarez

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