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Sunday, October 16, 2011

occupational health

I wonder what it would be like to work in a hospital. I have been exposed both to physicians and aspiring physicians as well as to other medical professionals such as nurses and hospital administrators. I am not sure which role I would find more appealing. I guess that on the surface, it would seem that working as a physician would be the ideal role for one who worked in a hospital – for no other reason except that physicians stand at the top (or nearly the top) of hospital administrative and professional staff.
On the other hand, working in hospital administration would give one the authority to impact the lives of many more people than any single physician. Also, I might have an opportunity to deal with overarching policies and issues like occupational health which permeate the entire medical profession. There are recurrent challenges such as data collection and reporting that have been identified by the United States president and many congressional leaders as being critical to better streamlining the delivery of medical services. Thus, I would welcome the challenge of attempting to tackle such problems with the promise that my success would mean a lot to so many.

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