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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Polish translation companies

My husband is a corporate attorney who specializes in international mergers and acquisitions. A few years ago, he worked on a very large transaction that involved a sale by one of his clients of business located in Italy, France, the UK and Poland. Although the purchase agreement was in English, there were parallel local documents that were in the local languages. In some cases, there were people on his team who spoke the relevant language, but for others he explained that they had to retain a translation service. Although translation issues have not arisen a lot for my husband due to the fact that in such a large law firm, there are people who are fluent in many languages, sometimes the issue still comes up. During the deal that I mentioned, I understand that they used a translation service for both the Italian and Polish documents. Although his firm had people who spoke both languages, the y struggled when asked to offer a legal translation. Polish translators are generally needed for financial or legal translations. There are a few Polish translation agencies that seem to stand out from the others. This is because there are few Polish translation companies that can boast that they offer accredited translators.

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