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Saturday, October 8, 2011

skin tightening

With our last child due to arrive in less than two months, I am beginning to think about what I can do to get back in shape. I suppose that keeping active, having a regular exercise routine, and watching my diet is the best way to get in shape and stay healthy. However, I worry that since I am older and have now had several children, my body may not return to its original form this time. I have heard of certain surgical procedures that you can have done that can help with skin tightening as a supplement to your exercise and diet. Also, I regularly hear about topical products that you can rub onto your body. Those products are supposed to help tighten your skin as well.
In addition to the surgical procedures and topical solutions, I understand that there are also medical, non-surgical procedures that can help tighten your skin. I think these procedures involve injections which work directly on problem areas.
Although I am nervous about utilizing any of the surgical solutions, the photos that I have seen of before and after cases, all seem to reflect astonishing results. Thus, depending on how things go after our baby arrives, I may find myself with yet another physician to help work on my recovery.

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