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Monday, November 14, 2011

mens big and tall

Now that the holiday season is almost here, I have started to give more thought to the gifts that I might get for my family. The kids are easy. I know that as long as I get each of them a few shiny toys, they will be happy. The difficult one is my husband. I always have trouble shopping for him. This year, there may be even more of a challenge. Over the past several months, my husband has been drinking protein supplements, making sure that he eats three meals per day, and working out with weights a lot. As a result, he may have put on 20 solid pounds or more. His new muscularity will likely make it almost impossible to find nice clothes that fit him in almost any, but I also suspect that a lot of his existing clothes may not fit anymore too. So, I expect that I will need to shop for mens big and tall clothing. Maybe, I will bring some samples of his current clothing in order to help me find something that is consistent with sense of style.

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