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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Our Trip in Hong Kong disneland last year.

It’s almost one year now since the last time we traveled in to deferent country in Asia. I was looking at our picture that we took when we are in Hong Kong. And notice that my husband and I bought a sweater for our children while we are there in Hong Kong. Because it was a bit cold and now since it’s already cold here in the United States. I was wonder were those entire sweaters that I bought in Hong-Kong. I totally forgot all those sweaters that we got in Hong Kong. If I did not look at the pictures that we took in Hong-Kong this evening I never remember those sweaters. Anyhow I should probably start putting all the summer clothes away. So that I can pull out all the winter clothes that we got and wear them all.
Anyhow here are some pictures that we took while we are there in Hong-Kong.

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