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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

plus size lingerie

Our new baby is due within a few weeks. As usual, I have put on a lot of weight relating to my pregnancy. Once the baby arrives, I expect that I will enter a long transition period during which I work to regain my original weight and size. It has always been difficult for me to find clothes that fit since I arrived in the United States. Originally, this was due to the fact that most clothing was cut for a larger sized woman and I could find few nice items that fit me well. That problem was alleviated by my discovery of petite and extra small clothing for women. Now that I am about to be a mother for the fourth time, the concern is different. At least for a while after the baby comes, I anticipate that I will be shopping for plus sizes rather than petites. One of the most fun types of clothing to buy is plus size lingerie. Sometimes, I just gaze at the pieces and wonder what it must be like to actually be able to fill such substantial bras. At least for a short time after giving birth to our child, I am able to experience first-hand what it must feel like.

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