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Friday, December 2, 2011

software development

Have you ever needed to hire someone to perform a task on your behalf? I find that hiring contractors or consultants of any kind can be a very challenging endeavor. The challenge generally relates to the fact that unless you have significant experience hiring for a particular task, it is difficult to ascertain what is reasonable and what is out of line.
My husband, who is a corporate attorney, was telling me recently that he was working with a client who needed to hire software developers to produce products to be utilized in certain overseas markets. The client was having trouble selecting offshore software vendors because he had never previously hired anyone to perform such services. Fortunately, there are services available that focus on the analysis of software vendor metrics. . In utilizing such services, a person or company that is interested in offshore software development can readily measure which developers are more efficient. Armed with such information, one can have comfort that it is interviewing the right entities. This type of service greatly enhances software vendor management and selection. Managing software vendors can be a very difficult process in the best of situations. Having access to a service that has previously analyzed the metrics for offshore software development is a great way to increase efficiency in the selection and eventual management of software developers.