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Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year! Best aspiration to all of Us!

Good Morning World! Happy New Year to my family
and friends in the Philippines, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam.....New year comes with glows of hopes in our mind,It gives us new confidence and courage for a fresh start.... Happy New Year and all the best for new ventures..

Friday, December 21, 2012

My First timeTie bow on Gift

 Our first tie bow on gift.

Five days more to go before opining presents. My children could not wait to open their presents. Yesterday while I was putting ribbons on the presents, my three-year-old daughter was volunteering to help me putting ribbons on their present. Therefore, I let her helped me and she was so happy. It was our first time to put a tie bow on gift we just actually fallow the instruction on YouTube. The only trouble while putting this tie bow is my scissor, because my scissor is not that sharp.

Saturday, December 15, 2012


A little thing called hope is sometimes all we have. When life gives us odds that seem as though they are impossible to overcome, we should never lose hope, because when we lose hope, we lose in life, period! Don't fear losing! Keep going for the dreams in life that you know you desire in your heart, and that you know are really meant for you!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New Samsung galaxy mobile.

This is me at home with our Christmas tree.
Instead, I exercise this morning after I drop my older daughter at her school I end up of taking pictures of myself. Because when I came home this morning after I drop Jasmine at her school.  I sit down directly in front of my desk to check my email. After checking my email, I log- in to my facebook  account and after that, I decide to take new pictures of myself. Perhaps, my camera has no battery so I try to find the other batter and I could not find it. Therefore, since I was already dress I told my daughter to take pictures of me using my Samsung galaxy mobile. My daughter I was moving while she is taking picture of me so the picture is not good.
I will probably try another when I find the battery or charge the batter that is on the camera right now.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Getting the best health insurance online

We have to make some important insurance decisions this month. You see, we are required to make health insurance elections for 2013 before the deadline of December 16th. Sometime last week, we received materials from a company that my husband recently began working with through his law practice. The company was essentially offering us an opportunity to join their corporate health insurance program. This choice posed some important issues for our family.

 Our current insurance is rather expensive, but mainly offers only catastrophic coverage. Most routine doctor's visits, tests and procedures would fall under our very high deductible threshold. Thus, we had already been thinking about whether we should change our insurance provider. Before we make a change, we believe it will be prudent to perform some research into the various family insurance products that are available. I suspect that other than relying on recommendations from family and friends, the best form of research would be with online sources. I figure that Getting the best health insurance online would be relatively painless so long as we can determine the best places to look. I know that there are a lot of websites and online tools that provide information about single providers, but the ideal source would be one that compares multiple plans and includes details regarding the relative costs, including premiums, co-pays and out-of-pocket amounts across competing providers. With that level of information, you could certainly make an informed choice as to the best coverage for your family.

 For us, I think we are simply looking for a plan that is affordable, but also provides flexibility as to providers. We also will be looking solely at family coverage that does not reflect a substantial increase in cost for a family of six like our own. Ideally, we would like to continue to utilize the same physicians that we have used historically. Also, we would like to keep our co-pays and out of pocket expenses to a minimum. I understand that the lower your deductible, the higher your premium, but it would be worth it to us to have a higher fixed cost so long as our annual medical expense remains predictable. It is amazing how important our health insurance has become over the latter half of this year. When my husband practiced law with a large private law firm, we scarcely ever thought about health insurance matters. Now that he is a small business owner and has to cover the entire cost of our family coverage, health concerns are a central family issue.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

My Pinecone Christmas decor

Having fun raking. So here it is I made an art heart with all of the leaves that I rake.
I finally finish raking the rest of the falling leaves in our front yard this afternoon. Now I can focus decorating my Christmas tree. My husband said that my Christmas tree is looks done decorating he did not know that I did not put anything in the back yet. If you go around in the Christmas tree, you will see that I am not finish yet. I am just excited about what the look like, since this is my first time that I put pinecone decoration in our Christmas tree. I took some pictures and it looks very nice. However, next time I will paint on the pinecone into deferent color, right now is just regular pinecone from the pinecone tree with no color. It is looks good combination with my other Christmas decor as you can see right.
Our Christmas tree at home.
Anyhow, happy Sunday to you all. Peace!

Monday, November 26, 2012

How do you avoid your diet this big holiday season?

As you know diet words, where I grow up (doesn't) really exist? Now most of my friends who are originally from the Philippines and now residence in Canada, Netherlands and here in the United States, are very conservative about what they are going to cook for big holiday seasons. Because they don't want to spoil their diet, you know. Perhaps I believe what my husband said to me that you could cook and eat whatever as long as you are active. As a mother of four, I totally believe that you can get your shape back you have no babies yet, if you work hard. I don't use any kind of diet pills and never try to reduce my eating hobbit. I am just active like when I was in the Philippines. I walked back and forth to my daughter school every morning and afternoon every day. In addition, raking falling leaves this time a year is good exercise and saves as money for not hiring somebody to clean up our yard. However, most of our neighbors does, since they are so busy working at their office. Which is I understand. Anyhow that is all for now. Sorry for not adding new post so often, I am a bit busy for my little one. She is now walking around so you know what is that mean. I need to pay attention with her.

Friday, November 16, 2012

lose weight

 I know is not easy to lose weight after having a baby. However, I believe that if you really work hard and want to get your goal I think is nothing possible.  This is me after 11 month of giving a birth of my fourth child.
My new photo.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Christmas tradition

Are you ready for Christmas? Well I've notice that most of my friends who is originally from the Philippines are now starting to put Christmas decor in their homes. They still follow the Philippines tradition even they are not in the Philippines anymore.
Santa Claus will be coming to town early 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Nylon processor

I have been experiencing a very hectic schedule over the past week or so. My husband has been working long hours. Thus, the responsibility for looking after our four young daughters has fallen squarely on my shoulders. Fortunately, after some very challenging days, I am finally free today. A couple of weeks ago, we hosted a visitor from New Mexico. When he finally left, his absence generally permitted me too return to my normal, everyday routine. Now that I am free, I figure that I can finish repairing my dinner table mats. Recently, each of our daughters has decided that they would enjoy slowly picking apart the table mats. Fortunately, the damage is not so extensive that I need to purchase new mats. Instead, at this stage, a simple needle and thread would be more than sufficient to accomplish my personal repairs. I am trying to make tablemats since we have different types of fabrics that we never really use. We got those fabrics as souvenir when my husband was in the United States Peace Corps in Thailand, back in 2004. Some of the fabric is nylon, which is very strong, and it has good texture. I just run a quick search for nylon and I learned that the nylon company was involved in the initial development of every major filament synthetic fiber: rayon, fiberglass, polyester, and other more. Now the manufactures company sells worldwide woven industrial fabrics primarily composed of nylon.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Party

Just few days ago, the weather was awesome. Now is flooding cause by Sandy Hurricane.
Perhaps, I am still happy that they give us a change to enjoy the Halloween party. My kids were so happy that we went to six flags last Saturday for trick or treating.
Anyhow, hope the hurricane Sandy will go away soon.
I took this  picture two days ago  and the weather at that time was  awesome.
 Well anyhow, hope your children has their beautiful costume already for Halloween.

My Little cat 

Monday, October 22, 2012


I sometimes think that our lives here on earth is just like driving under the tunnel. Where sometimes you drive through a long dark tunnel.  Perhaps after driving to a long darkness tunnel you can always find the brightness light in the Sky.
Happy Monday to all of us.

We went to Virginia Beach when I took this picture. This picture was taken at the end of the summer. 
My kids already miss the beach at this point. They were asking me this afternoon about when we go back to the beach. Since the weather is cold now we may not able to visit again until next year unless we travel far enough where the water is warm.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Roofing contractors

They still need couple more roofing material before it finishes the roof. After that, they will focus inside. I am very happy when I saw these pictures. In addition, I am very proud that my earning online can build a new home for my father hope the blessing won't stop, so that I can finish this new home of my father in Cabucgayan Biliran Philippines.
My uncle did not wear shoes because the roofing materials are very slippery.
Careful uncle is very slippery.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Black beans soak in water

I soak this black beans in the water over night so that it easy to cook. I thought cooking black beans is just like cooking a mongo beans. Perhaps I thought wrong it take 6 hours or more to cook black beans to get very soft.
 When you feel the black beans are soft. You can go ahead add the bacon and other seasoning that you like to put in.
I use bacon and chicken, I cut it into small pieces and then I mix it into the black beans.
It was okay but it was not my best food that I cook.
This is black beans.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

simple things but touching

I got home tired but yet very happy when i saw one dozen of white roses & 1 box of Harry London Choco w/ Redskins sweatshirt & Washington Champion 2012 NL East Division Shirt.. Thanks my dearest hubby u still remain the wonderful person , best friend & husband i know.. simple things but touching.. Flowers were special delivery from Beautiful Flowers!!
By my friend

Friday, October 12, 2012

lose weight

This the result of my 6 month exercise. I uploaded this picture to my facebook account and most of my friends are very impress. They could not believe how easily I lose weight. When I first start exercising I was 145 pond and now I am 120 pond. I need to lose 10 more ponds hopefully I can get my goal before the weather get so cold. Since the weather starting to get colder and my older daughter go to school early in the morning my jogging routine change a little bet. Anyhow that is all for now happy weekend to all of us. Peace!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

So beautiful isn't it

My friend share this picture this morning after on her daily walk this morning. 
There is no season in all the year so beautiful, so radiant with glory, as the early autumn. There is no time when the human soul drinks in so fully the glory and beauty of nature. All objects of beauty are more beautiful while passing away from us.
Written by my best friend in Canada.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

loyalty rewards

Most business owner nowadays exposure their business through internet marketing. And I think it's a good idea, because most people nowadays has their own high speed internet at home. In addition, I've notice also that every single day there new investment sites pop up and I really adore thus people. Who create those remarkable site. Therefore, since I have been working online for a couple year now. I've been wondering how to build a business website and on how much it cost to build? I saw different pricing online, depending on what kind of business you had. My husband just build his new business site few month ago and since it seems to me it so difficult to build a business website I did not watch him do it. Well one I have no intention building my own business any minutes soon, but maybe someday. Because you know having your own business is not an easy thing. Unless you are expose by many other business people. Because if you are expose to business you don't have to worry anything. Oh! I take that back this time a year you don't need to be expose by many other business people. Since we have now high technology program that you can use build your own business without exposure to any other business man people . All you have to do is find the right platform program and design to analyze. Once you find the right program customer is easy to find. So if you are ready to build your own business website but don't know how to start. Lest visit . Because Kobie has a good strategy on how to perform loyalty platform. Their clients love alchemy’s unmatched processing power and ability to deliver within any IT architecture. Therefore, if need to build your business through customer retention and rewards loyalty programs as the ones offered you should consider They are willing to help you and they will do whatever it takes to create meaningful and memorable customer experience. And they are also handling reward fulfillment and call center operations.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Taking snapshot while talking on the phone.

I was talking on the phone when I took this picture of mine. I really like our house phone because I can take it with me everywhere in side our house.
This my new picture of myself.
My husband is making fun of me because even if I use the bathroom I am still having conversation with my friend. We have free international call in some part of the country I don’t need to worry about the bell. I wish Philippines were included but it is not. I am very happy that we found this telephone company. Right now I can see that my best friend is the telephone, hahahahha it’s so funny. Since I use our land line everyday for like 8 hours batteries don’t charge so well anymore. It means I need to buy new one. Hopefully I can find better price in Amazon. Anyhow that is all for now have a great evening to you all. Peace!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Back to school

Let entry for back to school. Its has been two weeks now since the first day of school. But since I am very busy mom. I forgot to share the pictures that I took of my older daughter on her first day of her school.
Very happy to go back to school
Proud to be Back to school

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Snapshot Photo Using my Samsung Galaxy Cell Phone.

It has been a while now since the last I upload my photos on this site. This is me I was holding my Samsung Galaxy this morning after I drop Jasmine at her school. After checking my mail at my cell I decide to take picture of myself.
It's me
Since I have been exercising in the last couple of months I should probably take regular picture using my Canon camera that way I can get better picture of my body. I’ve lose 18 pounds this summer hopefully I can lose weight more this full. I know it’s hard for me to get up in the morning. Because of the cold weather I’m still not use to it you know. Perhaps I try my best to lose more weight while is not so cold yet. In the summer, I run every morning 50 minutes, work out, and do some crunches. That’s the only exercise I’ve done and it work. I did not do any diet. But the only thing that I did not drink is soda I only drink water.

Monday, September 17, 2012

My relative in Paris

When I open my desk this morning all was in my mine is to update my entire website. Perhaps I end up chatting with my cousin friends liking with her pictures in facebook. All of my idea that I need to write it down is gone.
My relatives in Paris
What a lovely facebook. I wish I would earn money by spending time in my facebook wall chatting with my friend’s cousin etc, but I am not. Perhaps I am still thankful to the person who discovers facebook. Because I meet my old friends relative that I never, talk and meet before. Because of FB, there is a possibility that I can meet their someday. Since my time is up because of FB, I will probably update my other website letter today after I finish cooking we will see.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Teacher education

Now that our oldest daughter is in grade school, I am very concerned as a parent to ensure that she receives the best instruction available and that she develops excellent study skills. One way that I try to help is to give her homework and assign study projects that will result in a good skill set and otherwise expand her knowledge. I worry that I am not versed in the latest teaching strategies and that therefore my homework assignments may not be the best way to help educate my daughter. Fortunately, I have access to the same teacher education resources that are available to professional teachers. Other than helping our daughter with basic reading, writing and math skills, I am especially interested in helping her to develop critical thinking skills. An ideal product for achieving that goal would draw upon Bloom’s classification of levels of intellectual behavior in learning, which is commonly referred to as Bloom’s taxonomy. The Mentoring Minds critical thinking products are based on certain levels of Bloom’s taxonomy. In addition, it is my hope that by using such products, we can help our daughter to achieve a higher level of critical thinking.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The coconut girl.

My cousin at the top of the coconut tree.
This is my cousin she look like she have nothing to do. That's why she climb up on this coconut tree.But hey good snapshot picture isn't it. My cousin is a bet mad of me because I did not attend on her wedding ceremony. But since I explain how expensive the plane tickets going to the Philippines. So she understand me and share the  memorable pictures of her wedding day.
My cousin parents.

Her pictorial.

At the church with her husband.

Pictorial with her parents.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

stops smoking

When I was 10 years old, there were several occasion that I saw my father coughing while he has smoking. By then my mother, keep saying to my father to stops smoking. However, my father never really listens to my mother. Since my father never really stops smoking, I try to find a solution on how I can help my father stop smoking. Because I do not want my father to be an influence to my younger brother, you know. Right now my young brother is 16 years old now. In addition, I got a text message from my older sister saying that it seems like my young brother is starting to smoke now. While my brother is young, I really want to prevent my brother being a smoker. So that he don’t flow our father hobbit. Moreover, smoking is not a cheap hobbit. My brother has no job so is clear for him that he has no business to smoke you know what I mean. Young people nowadays think that smoking is to relief their depression. However, they are wrong. That is way I really want to stop my father and my young brother being a smoker person. Because you know cigarette can never give you good value. But to give you deadly disease.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Getting ready for the Beach tomorrow.

Finally, my little is taking a nap. She usually takes a nap in the morning and in the afternoon but now that she is 9months old. She don’t take a nap in the morning anymore. If I give her bottle so that she can go to sleep, however all she has to do is take the milk and be silent for a couple of minutes and when she finish drinking her milk she will start shouting. It means take her out from her bed. Since I don’t want to listen of her shout I took her out from her room and take it with me. Therefore, it means all the thing that I need to finish well wait until someday will watch or play with my little one.
Anyhow, husband book a two-night room in Virginia Beach started tomorrow. So it means the is the perfect time for me to pack our things. Hopefully I can finish packing before she woke up. Therefore, I need to stop here now so that I can start what I need to finish.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Durisol Build

One of the features of our home that we always liked related to the way it was originally constructed. Unlike many modern brick homes, which are often wood frame with an outer brick veneer, our home is framed with cinder block and steel. Although when our home was constructed over 40 years ago, there were no readily available insulating concrete , the mere combination of cinderblock and brick helped to make our home relatively efficient. We are now considering a major addition to our home. If we ultimately decide to proceed, I expect that we will look to a company like Durisol Build to provide insulating concrete products to ensure that any new addition provides even better strength and insulation as the original structure. As we are nearing the completion of the second phase of our home renovation in our basement area, I expect that we will turn our focus to a major additio0n sometime after the holiday season.

The city of Dumaguete philippines.

This is me back in 2005. This picture was taking in Dumaguete city Philippines, province of Negros Oriental. I have live in Dumaguete city for more than one year and half and I really like my stayed there. If my husband likes to live in the Philippines, I would choose to stay in Dumaguete city. Because it has very nice Beach resorts and it very easy to access ferry if I want to go to Cebu City. From Cebu city, I can take another ferry to Ormoc city and from Ormoc city; I can take a bus or jeep going to my hometown.
Its  me
I can also take a short flight from Dumaguete to Cebu City, if I want too. The city of Dumaguete has a domestic airport, which provides three daily flights to and from Manila through Cebu Pacific and two daily flights through Philippine Airlines and daily flights to Cebu City through Cebu Pacific Airlines. I know it was a long time that I been there and maybe everything change. But I am sure they change it maybe better compare when I was there.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

golf clubs

Are you a golfer? I have played before, but my husband is really hooked. Until earlier this summer, he actually had two sets of golf clubs ! He had an assortment of clubs, which included a Cleveland sand wedge and driver. He swears that his clubs as the best that money can buy, and they all certainly look like very impressive pieces f equipment. I always took his comments with a grain of salt because I could scarcely tell whether his golf game improved substantially with all of the more impressive equipment. Although I know that technology matters and that having one of the best golf wedges in the world can significantly improve your game. According to my husband, the increased accuracy of known clubs falls squarely in the hands of the abilities of the user. That is to say that, if the user has some basic skills, such skills will be amplified by the equipment. Similarly, if there are limited skills, that will also amplified.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

American eagle gold coin

The past several years have wreaked havoc on our family’s investment portfolio. Historically, we had been rather aggressive in our approach. Our holdings consisted mainly of stocks and mutual funds. We figured we had plenty of time to weather the ups and downs of the market because it will be several years until we are ready to retire. For the most part, I think our long term and forward-looking strategy has been a good one. However, recently, there was substantial turmoil the severe market depression resulted from war and at least 8 years of some poor diplomatic and political decisions. As a result, there has been significant market turmoil. This market uncertainty has been marked by what has sometimes included fantastic swings of market prices of the products in our portfolio. Well speaking of investment, I have several friends in my facebook account keep convincing me that I should invest while the market still down. However, I keep turn it down their proposal to me since I have no budget for any kind of investment right now. I know their approach is good and it can be good for my family someday if I try their proposal. Perhaps where I can get money to invest, I wish I know these people before when I have money back in 2005 or 2006. Because then I have money and never worried about losing money for an investment. This time a year I need to be careful for what kind of invest I need to join or to buy. Because you know our economy is just like a wave in the ocean sometimes up sometimes down is not steady. If I ever have to invest something nowadays I probably invest American eagle gold coin. Because the market value of gold coins is generally good. I obverse this couples years ago. It is true that every gold has an actual prices based on gold weight. And I believe that American eagle gold coin has good features.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New make up.

This me I was a bit bored so I decide to put make-up on my eyes. I don't know if I did it right.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Miami Beach Studio Rentals

Both my husband and one of his close friends are photographers. My husband is a very advanced amateur who does it only part time while his friend is a full time professional photographer. Both of them regularly produce amazing photos, but it often seems like the environment in which they work limits them. For my husband’s friend, this is not really much of an issue. He relocated his business to New Mexico a few years ago. Thus, it seems that he always had interesting backgrounds and vistas to capture. However, when he last visited they talked about portrait lenses and utilizing a studio environment. I wondered what they were talking about and did a little internet research. What I found was a place called Miami Beach Studio Rentals . It is a combination studio and equipment rental center. I was surprised to learn that in addition to photography and video studio rentals, they even rent high-end cameras. I can just imagine but my husband and his friend drooling over the opportunity to use the latest and greatest camera equipment.


When you are in hurry in the morning cereals is the best breakfast to serve.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Personalised Gift

A Personalised Gift is the most thoughtful gift that you can give to your love ones. My husband gives me a beautiful necklace that has very nice heart pendant on our first wedding anniversary. One thing good about this precious gift that I got from my husband I can wear it, for any occasion. Now if you are looking for the best perfect anniversary gift that you can give to your girl friend or wife. I suggest you to brows at Personalised Gift.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Toronto embroidery

Our family loves to travel. Whenever we visit a new city, or beach or country, one of the most common souvenirs that we get is a t-shirt or some other form of clothing. My husband is consistent in what he is looking for with respect to the quality of garments that we purchase as souvenirs. He always insists that any clothing that we get that displays the name of place must be embroidered. He generally prefers to stay away from iron-on images. We have heard that Toronto embroidery can produce some wonderfully high quality stitching that will last for years. This is exactly why we always look for embroidery. We want to have comfort that the image or name which shows where we have been will last as long as the garment. I think it might be nice to get some personalized logo embroidery to recognize birthdays or our anniversary. In the same way that we have souvenirs that will last for decades, I think it would be nice to have anniversary presents that can be expected to last decades.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Good morning

When I jog this morning, I saw our neighbor putting a sign on their sofa that they put the side of the road. The sign that they put on the sofa is free so anybody can pick up the sofa if they want it you know. As you know while running, I was thinking about the sofa and wishing that Philippines, is close here. So that I can pick up that sofa from our neighbor that they put the side of the road and give to my sister. Because my older sister was wishing that kind of sofa when I was there in their house back in 2010. In addition, until now she does not have that sofa yet.That is why I am thinking to get that sofa and give to my older sister. Perhaps Philippines is so far away. So It means there is no way for me to get that sofa. Anyhow, hope somebody will pick up that sofa before the raindrop come.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Olympics 2012

I have been watching the Olympic all the today and since my oldest daughter was taking pictures of her sisters. Using my canon powerShot G10. I decide to get my Samsung Galaxy cell phone and start taking pictures of the Olympic show. In addition, I am very impressed because all the pictures that I took are mostly clear without flash. Therefore, here are some pictures that I took on NBC channel. Hope you like it. I was having fun watching the Olympic show and one of my favorite Olympic shows is the Volleyball.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

sam edelman shoes

Like most of my friends, I really love shoes. I think shoes and other accessories are among the most important aspects of any outfit. For example, just imagine what you would think if you say a woman in a wedding dress or ball gown who was wearing sneakers. So, I was especially excited when I learned about sam edelman shoes. The company website is very good. It includes shoes of various styles and colors, and seemingly everything from boots to sandals. When I looked the other day, I saw some short boots that I think are among the nicest, and most comfortable looking boots that I have ever seen. Although it is still summer, and notably far too hot for boots, I am thinking about giving myself an Outlook reminder to look into picking up a pair later this year and possibly setting aside some cash to pick them up whenever I am ready. I can only hope that the current designs survive well into the winter holiday season.

Cane Toad Frog

Have  mercy on me.

My sister told me that cane toad is the biggest frog that she ever seen since she have been in Australia. She also said that the cane toad frog is also known as a poisonous frog. So, since she know that this frog is dangerous. My sister to get something to kick off this cane toad out on her way. And look what he did on his hands, he look like he is saying that please don't kick me.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Diamond Watch

How often you buy diamond watches to your love one? Well I just asked this question because this afternoon while my kids are taking their nap. I was browsing online for the best gift that I can give to my daughter birthday. And it happened that I came across to a website where all kinds of diamond watches, earrings and rings. And it was really good site if you want to buy jewelry for your love ones.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

catch-up with my friend

My friend Arlene and her husband Robert visited with us this afternoon. The visit was completely unplanned and the idea arose during a conversation that I had with her earlier this afternoon. When I agreed that she should stop by, I mentioned it to my husband and assured him that I would straighten up our home a bit in advance of their visit. The next thirty minutes can be characterized as a mad dash to clean up in advance of their arrival.
It was pretty amazing how much could be accomplished in such a short period of time. It happens that I was just finishing with putting away the dishes from the dishwasher when they arrived. Thus, my husband was happy that I didn’t have anyone over when the house wasn’t clean. While they were here I had an opportunity to catch-up with my friend while our husbands watched the Olympics. Just as they were leaving, I woke my youngest daughter, who they had never met, and took a few pictures. Overall, I think it was a very nice way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

compact disc collection

Our family is filled with music lovers. We listen to music daily and have amassed a substantial music collection over the years. I can still remember when I was first married and I saw my husband’s compact disc collection for the first time. He had nearly 1,300 CDs. He sometimes complained that it had grown to a level that made it hard to manage and eventually decided to listen to each CD and rip all of the best songs to our computer. That process took months to complete. And not too long thereafter, we basically stopped buying so many CDs and instead began to purchase mp3s instead. Through that process our collection continued to grow over the years. Our music collection is very wide ranging with respect to genre and age. Although most of the collection probably consists of Oldies , we still manage to collect some of the better contemporary songs. Currently, there is music that is nearly 80 years old as well as music that was released this year. As the collection of “good” songs from our Cds now exceeds 11,000 individual songs, it is important to keep the music organized and perhaps to rate each song so that you can more easily develop good playlists.

How do you celebrate the end of your 20s?

I will turn 30 in about 4 days. Not really sure how I feel about that. I guess when a reflect on my life these days, I realize that I have been lucky. I have a beautiful family and we have a nice and spacious home. I have some good friends and my husband and I have done a pretty good job of getting out to do things with our children as a family. But how do you celebrate the end of your 20s?
I suppose you are really an adult once you turn 30. For a lot of people, 30 is the start of middle age. Here in the United States, people retire in their early 60s. Thus, one way to look at it is that I am halfway to being a senior citizen. Well, I won’t think about it too much. I will leave the celebrations to my husband. For my part, I will just look forward to enjoying my time with my family and remembering how fortunate I have been during the first 30 years of my life.

Friday, July 27, 2012

best baby sling

The best baby sling is the one that fits you, the mother, best! Don’t be afraid to try on multiple brands and styles to ensure a great fit. We started with a style that was more of a backpack. We could use it in such a way that our daughter could rest on our chest or on our back. As she grew, my husband used the sling even more than me. But the biggest adjustment was that we eventually outgrew the sling and began to demand more direct attention and interaction. If you are curious about the different types of baby slings, I suggest that you check out this guide . It includes helpful information about baby slings, carriers and wraps. The guide also includes photos that will permit you to visually compare the different types to get a better sense of which might be best for you. In fact, it also includes a link to another article which offers a different perspective about baby carriers, slings and wraps.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Very foggy

My sister told me that it was very foggy this morning going to her work. She was telling me that when is foggy in Australia, is very dangerous. Because is nothing to see but fog. So I told her that when is happen again while you driving make sure that the headlights are in low beams. And she said yeah! I know that already my husband told me already. And I said well make sure that you have your seatbelt all the time when you driving. She just said yeah! I know that already and I said well I just remind you because you know people in the Philippines don’t really use seatbelt. And she just laughs. But anyhow that is all for now. Until next time.

Gift Ideas

Since my birthday is coming soon my husband asked me this morning if I have any particular Gift Ideas in my mind. And I said well I would appreciate if you can give another necklace for my birthday. However this time I would choice what kind pendant I will get and this time I will choice my birthstone pendant which is green. My husband said we will see and I said okay.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Almost every day I see something new electronic device picture uploaded from my friends relatives from different country relatives who is in abroad. This morning when I open my facebook home page I saw this BRAND
W/ WIFI worth of 7,999.00 Philippines peso. This electronic device made in TAIWAN. Most of my friends saw this picture like it. I wonder if they really this product you know. Well maybe they do like it but since they don’t have money to buy this new ANDROID TABLET PC. They are just happy to comment to this picture. Anyhow happy Sunday to you all. Peace!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

shower fixtures

My husband and I are currently in the process of renovating our basement. I expect that we will finish remodeling sometime this summer. We have totally gutted the space, which consists of a bedroom, a bathroom, an exercise room, a media room and a laundry. We are currently completing the process of re-finishing everything following the big tear down. Although I think the renovation will result in a wonderful space, I believe the details will be very important. For example, we had to start from scratch with our basement bathroom. Before we began, the room was poorly lighted, had no power outlet, had terrible wallpaper and was a fairly depressing space. Now, all of those issues have been addressed. In light of our recent renovations, the room is much nicer and brighter than it was before. However, I do not think the room will be complete until we can find some nice, high-end fixtures to help in the final transformation. I would like to upgrade and replace everything from the mirrors to the lighting. We can then complete the space by adding some nice accessories.

Friday, July 13, 2012

unique residential mailboxes

Yesterday was the first time that I visited one of our neighbor’s homes following a long and extensive renovation. As extraordinary as it sounds, they started renovating their house last summer and the project has taken an entire year. Although the major work is done and they have moved back into their home, the construction workers still pay regular visits to make repairs and corrections. I am good friend with the woman of the house, and she explained that there were numerous things that they still want to change in order to make their house more elegant. For example they are now looking at some unique home mailboxes . She suggested that it was difficult to find places that keep unique residential mailboxes in stock. She went on to explain that her task of finding a nice wall mounted mailbox only served to make things more difficult. I never suspected that a task to find unique mailboxes could be more challenging.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer dress style

My summer dress
This is me after working my few tasks online. My husband was holding his camera so I told him to take picture of myself. So here I am. As you know I never wear this dress for almost one year. Because I could not fit this dress anymore due that I got fat for my pregnancy. But since I keep exercising I almost get back to my normal size when I first got here in the United States. Perhaps I still need to lose15 pounds so hopefully I can lose it in the next two month from now. I am really excited to wear my clothes that I bought when I was in the Philippines five years ago. Because some of them are still brand new. But anyhow that is all for now sorry for not updating my site so often.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

luxury mailboxes

We are thinking about ways to improve the overall look of our home. Our renovations of our basement and main floor are well underway, but lately we have been thinking about what we might do to the exterior to improve the valuation of our home. We are not interested in anything that will require a massive investment of time or money. Instead, we are considering minor improvements and accessories that might help our home stand out and enhance its curb appeal. I think we should consider looking into luxury mailboxes . They tend to be small and the sort of thing that a do-it-yourselfer can readily install. Although I really like keystone mailboxes, one of those would be out of place in our neighborhood. We currently have a wall mount mailbox and I would prefer to stick with that style. I found some really nice gaines mail boxes online. Once my husband has sufficient free time, I will sit down with him and review the available options.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Storm Ravaged Washington

I am glad that our power is back now. But as you know million of Americans people still no power at this point. In the middle of the dangerous heat can you imagine that? This is the hottest record in the past 25 years in Washington D.C Virginia and Maryland. The powerful storm happend on June 29 2012 destroyed the powerline in several states. With no cooling in the middle of the hottest days of the year. People are lined up for ice to save their foods. Right now the weather here today is 90°F its really hot here today. I really appreciated the air conditioning.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

First Summer Vacation 2012 at Myrtle Beach.

This is my second child she really has a great time playing on the water.
It’s now 8:13 in the morning my kids are still in their bed. I guess they were so tired from our trip yesterday. We have so much fun at Myrtle Beach and I love to go back there. The water is warm just like in the in Indonesia or Philippines. Myrtle Beach is the third beaches that I visit here in the United State. In Ocean City the water is very could I could not even stay in the water for maybe 4minutes same in Virginia Beach. Perhaps Virginia Beach is warmer than Ocean city. I can probably stay in the water for 10 minutes in Virginia Beach. But in Myrtle Beach I really swim there and stay in the water for most of the time while we are there oh! I love it feel like I am in the Philippines.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

National Zoo in Washington, DC

About one week ago, on Sunday morning, we all made a visit to the . We had not visited in a while. And I believe this was our first visit this season. In previous years, most of our zoo visits were to a private zoo in northern Virginia called Reston Zoo. Although it is further from our home, we like to go there because it is basically a large petting zoo where kids can see most of the animals up close. We still like to visit the National Zoo from time to time because it has a wider selection of animals. One thing that was different about our visit was that we didn’t arrive at the zoo until nearly 10:00am. This was very out of the ordinary for us as we would typically arrive a little after 6:00am during the summer months not long after the park opens. That way, we have usually been able to avoid the crowds. This time, however, the zoo appeared to quickly fill up. To be honest, neither I nor my husband cared for the crowds. Although the kids seemed to thoroughly enjoy their visit, dealing with all the people and keeping track of our kids in the midst of the crowds was a challenge. When all was said and done, however, the kids enjoyed themselves. We all had a good bit of exercise walking around the zoo. And both my husband and I managed to capture some pretty nice photos of our daughters. Thus, overall, I would rate the day as a resounding success.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Picture Of The Day.I

For the first time here in the United States, I made Filipino bread today.  In Tagalog, we call it “pandesal.”  I guess that it came out okay given that I was preparing it from memory without a recipe.  My kids loved it, but my husband thought it was a bit bland and a little hard.   To accompany the pandesal, I cut some mango to make mango smoothies.  At that point, my kids were in heaven.   
After preparing this special treat for my kids, I tuned my attention to my husband’s dinner.  My husband loves to eat Thai food.  I think it has been his favorite food since he served as a Peace Corps volunteer in northern Thailand several years ago.   As you may know, Thai food is often spicy and that is one aspect of the cuisine so that is he really loves.  Thus, before serving dinner, I had to cut chillies for my husband’s meal.

Pandesal or bread  Mango and chillies

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I am having problem on my computer.

After nearly two years of trouble free use, we began to have significant problems with my computer last week.Since that time, my husband has spent several hours troubleshooting in an effort to discover the cause of the problem. At one point, in exasperation he actually reformatted the primary hard drive and reinstalled the operating system. However, ultimately, nothing seemed to work. A couple of days ago, we basically gave up trying to repair the problem and simply attached my husband’s laptop to the dead computer’s monitor, mouse and keyboard. This setup generally worked fine except for some spotty response from the mouse. Then, this morning, my husband tried to get the main computer working again. He removed a stick of the memory, and the computer started with no problem. He just reinstalled Microsoft office, so I hope that our computer troubles are now over. Anyhow if you guys have an idea about how to fix my computer please please leave comment. Thanks in advance. Janet