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Monday, January 30, 2012

Brazilian cherry floors

I really like our new Brazilian cherry floors. We have now replaced the oak dining room floor, the ceramic tile kitchen floor and the laminate family room floor with hardwood. The change is wonderful. Now, our kids come and play on the floor in the kitchen while I am cooking or cleaning. This is something that they never did when the floor was ceramic. Now, my only concern is ensuring that they do not scratch the finish too badly. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done to prevent scratches. Indeed, we chose Brazilian cherry in part because it is such a hard wood that hopefully will withstand some abuse.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

odorless mineral spirits

Well I guess some of you know already about what we have been working lately in our home. Now we are pretty much done working in our new hard wood floor in our dining room kitchen and family room.
As you know my husband said that it’s better to use nail gun than using glue. He was wishing that there was a way to use nail gun in our kitchen. Because is much easy to use nail gun than glue. But anyhow he really did a great job. There were some few places that he needs my help. But the rest in our kitchen he really did by himself. But in our leaving room I really help my husband putting the glue down and it was fun. The only thing that you much be very careful about it when is time to put the wood down. Because you don’t want to touch the glue on the surface of the wood. Because if that happen it’s very difficult to remove the glue unless you wipe it right away with the odorless mineral spirits. The mineral spirits has a very low odor and dries with minimal residue. So that was very helping for us. But when the glue dries and you did not manage to wipe it right away. Oh! It was not easy to remove. My husband used his finger nails to scratch the glue out of the surface of wood and after that he put some mineral spirits to clean out the rest of the glue.

best baby slings

Have you ever used an infant slings ? I did after the birth of my first and second children. But afterwards, for some reason, the children seemed to lose interest in the sling and certain of the other products that were earlier purchased for them. However, with the birth of my fourth child late last year, I am once more in the market to purchase a good baby sling. As always, before I shop, I like to insure that I have done my homework and for that I have a good sense of the best baby slings that are available in the market nowadays. The best baby slings do more that simply provide the most reliable and comfortable means of freeing your hands when you are looking after your children. A sling is far superior that it also permits the child to be swaddled tightly, as with a baby wrap, which can also assist in keeping the child calm.

Friday, January 20, 2012

winter clothes shopping

Did you get everything you wanted during the holiday season? I guess that I did, but as we have proceeded into the New Year, I guess there have been some new things that have come up. I think I could really use some more winter clothing. After giving birth to my daughter last month, many of my old winter clothes do not fit. I was thinking of heading to the mall to get some new things when I saw or read something that mentioned a website called nomorerack. I checked out their website and the prices seem to be quite good. In fact, they were so good that I initially worried that the site was too good to be true. Thus, I ran several searches for nomorerack reviews. By and large the site has been well received. Thus, I decided to peruse the site and see if I could manage to my favorites and see if I could take my shopping to a new level.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Our friends from Thailand

Last November, we were pleased to host some old friends of ours from Thailand. They were in the midst of fulfilling a lifelong dream of touring the United States. They stayed with us for a few days while they were in the DC area, and they finally completed their visit and returned to Thailand in mid-December. Since the completion of their trip, they have been posting lots of photographs from their voyage on Facebook and circulating them through e-mails. We got some new pictures last week from their visit to Hawaii during the start of their journey. The photos depict a beautiful place that I hope to visit someday. I look forward to the opportunity to visit with them in Thailand again sometime in the next couple of years.

Monday, January 16, 2012

My First Home

Thanks to Roman May

I bought my first home this year, and I am so proud of myself. It’s not every day that you see a young, single woman purchase her own home with her own money. I have worked so hard to save a down payment and choose the right house for myself. I felt that spending money on rent wasn’t a good choice for me. Rents are so high that I knew I could buy a place and pay less for my mortgage payment every month than I was spending on rent. Most people my age that buy homes need help from their parents for a down payment, but not me. I did everything on my own, and it wasn’t easy. I had to cut back on going out with friends, and have been driving a car that is on its last legs. I’m lucky it even lasted me this long! The one thing I didn’t skimp on was safety. I made sure to buy in a very safe neighborhood, and immediately went to to set up a home alarm system. The way I look at it, you can never have too much peace of mind.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

experiences associated

Yesterday, we had one of those really annoying experiences associated with home ownership. Basically, out of the blue, my husband mentioned that the front doorknob failed and was no longer working. As he main point of entry to our home for guests, we figured that we could not just ignore the issue for a while, but instead we needed to deal with it promptly. Thus, first thing this morning, my husband made one of his frequent trips to home depot to pick up a new door knob and lock. Fortunately, the installation went smoothly and now the new door hardware is fully installed. Thus, I think now is a great time to go and have a drink and relax a bit before the kids get active again .

Friday, January 13, 2012

Most popular gadget this year kindle fire and nook color

It is really interesting to see how much our kids have embraced the Kindle Fire that I got my husband for Christmas. It is certainly the most popular gadget that we obtained over the holiday season. I suppose that it is the combination of games and cartoons that have made it so popular with our kids. I guess that it is also relevant that it is so easy to use. The touch screen interface is very simple and intuitive. Our three year old basically picked it up and dove right in. She probably uses the device now more than anyone else in our family.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Kindle Fire

I got my husband a Kindle Fire for Christmas. Since the day he opened the package and charged the battery, the product has been very popular in our house. Our two older daughters cannot seem to put it down. It has an Android-based operating system, so there are thousands of free downloadable games. Also, the product has access to thousands of free stream on demand programs that are aimed at children. Thus, when our girls are not playing games on the product, they are using it to view cartoons. The biggest problem we have had with the device is keeping the battery charged. It will run on an ac adaptor, but the cord is rather short. Thus we will keep an eye open to find a product that extends battery life.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

kitchen remodeling

When I woke up this morning, as usual my husband had been up for hours. Today, he had been reviewing our work from last night in our application of a leveling compound for our kitchen floor. As expected, he had confirmed that we would need to use the second bag of the leveling material. Thus, he had been spending the morning marking off areas of the floor that were already flat and those where we needed to focus additional leveling material. When I came downstairs, I began to wonder why we had not used a metal lath that my husband purchased the day before. When I tried to ask him about it, he initially misunderstood me and thought I was asking about the primer for the floor, which he had remembered to apply. Ultimately, he realized that it was the lath that I was talking about. Now he thinks we may need yet another bag of leveling material in order to finish. There is also a concern about not having the lath directly adjacent to the wood subfloor throughout the kitchen. But at this stage, there is nothing that can be done about that. My husband and I have now attached the lath to the floor and have re-applied the primer. When it dries, we expect to apply a second bag of leveling compound. I hope things go well with this second bag and that we are able to complete the leveling process today. Even if we need another bag, we can apply it after four hours. Thus, it will not be too late before we can really begin to get the floor preparation completed.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

dress up

Yesterday our two oldest daughters were in princess mode. You might be wondering, what is princess mode? Well, that is when our daughters want to wear their princess dresses and tiaras and prance around the house like princesses. They are so very cute! Normally, those days are also when I break out the camera and take lots of pictures. Unfortunately, with all of the construction and activity around our house lately, this time I didn’t have an opportunity to get many pictures.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Olympus 3030z

I was a little surprised that we didn’t take more Christmas pictures this year. In the past, it always seemed like we took hundreds of pictures on Christmas day alone. However, this year there weren’t so many. In retrospect, I think it was because we spent more time enjoying one another’s company and the spirit of the holiday. After looking at the photos that we took, I would like to think that I have become a better photographer as many of the photographs are quite good. It is interesting to think about how far I have come since using our old Olympus 3030z and later and Olympus 4040z. After that, we have focused almost exclusively on Canon products, which have also served us well. My husband’s Canon 30D is an excellent camera which takes beautiful pictures. In fact, he sometimes jokes that it makes a professional photographer out of me! Sometimes, I agree. 

Monday, January 2, 2012

welcome 2012.

Cherish the memories u had, show your love to everyone you care for and enjoy every seconds we breathe, for we don't know when God take the precious gift of life from us. Indulge ourselves in loving our fellowmen rather than accompanying our minds in lieu of material things in which they can be left behind as we pass by in this world. Look forward in living for in God's Kingdom. Hope everyone had a blessed welcome 2012.