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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

odorless mineral spirits

Well I guess some of you know already about what we have been working lately in our home. Now we are pretty much done working in our new hard wood floor in our dining room kitchen and family room.
As you know my husband said that it’s better to use nail gun than using glue. He was wishing that there was a way to use nail gun in our kitchen. Because is much easy to use nail gun than glue. But anyhow he really did a great job. There were some few places that he needs my help. But the rest in our kitchen he really did by himself. But in our leaving room I really help my husband putting the glue down and it was fun. The only thing that you much be very careful about it when is time to put the wood down. Because you don’t want to touch the glue on the surface of the wood. Because if that happen it’s very difficult to remove the glue unless you wipe it right away with the odorless mineral spirits. The mineral spirits has a very low odor and dries with minimal residue. So that was very helping for us. But when the glue dries and you did not manage to wipe it right away. Oh! It was not easy to remove. My husband used his finger nails to scratch the glue out of the surface of wood and after that he put some mineral spirits to clean out the rest of the glue.

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