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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Antulang Beach Resort in Dumaguete.

My friend is a little bit this appointed of me because I never have a change to attend on her wedding day. But she understands because one I just have a baby two months old. Plus the flight is so expensive for us. Since my 3 children is full price ticket now we could not afford to buy ticket at this moment even I really like to attend on her especial day. My friend is originally from Dumaguete Philippines and since her mother got married from a guy who is live in Norway. Her mother files a petition to her and to her older sister in 2004 and in 2006 she got her visa and flew going to Norway. After how many months there in Norway she got a boyfriend and got pregnant. Her mama was kind of mad to her but you know mother is always a mother even if your daughter makes a bad decision in their life. Other than that her boyfriend was a good man and responsible. So they stay together until she delivered her baby. Year’s pass by and they decide to get marriage in Dumaguete Philippines, where she born. She held her wedding ceremony in Antulang Beach Resort in Dumaguete. I never been this place before but I been in Dumaguete before I actually live there for almost two years. I really like there the city is very clean and I love to visit there again to see my friends. Will anyhow here are some wedding pictures of my friend.

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