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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

If your traveling right now be sure you got everything of your baggage.

Well would you call thief if a person forgot their stuff? Well maybe I don’t know. People have different reaction on this conversation. But in my opinion I don’t really call that is a thief unless you really get from their luggage or you saw the person who forgot to take their stuff from the cart or something else.
Anyhow one of my friends in Canada, who is originally from this Philippines, is now visiting Tacloban city. From Tacloban city is 3 hours drive going to my home town where I grow up. On her message last night in facebook she is going to Bohol. She really has a great time in her vacation. Perhaps she missed her children and of course her husband in Canada.

THis picture was taking in Leyte park where my friend stayed.

Very nice view right.

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