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Thursday, February 9, 2012

The music system can bring you new life.

Do you really love your iPod?
Well at this time since I bought kindle fire for my husband as a Christmas present, it seem like my three years old child has no longer to use my husband iPod. She usually loves to listened music and play games on my husband iPod. But now that my husband as a new kindles fire she more interested to use it than the iPod. I guess it’s because it has big screen compare to the iPod. Right now she is playing with her favorite game on the kindle fire. I really like this kindle fire because it is easy to use even the three year old kid know how to operate, and it has Wi-Fi connection I really like it. Right now I am thinking of buying one for myself. Since sometimes I am lazy to check my outlook. Well anyhow I just thought about it nothing really serious of buying more any other electronic accessories at this point.

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