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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Reston hospital belling department

I usually don’t answer anonymous but since yesterday the phone was ring and ring by the anonymous number I decide to answer it. And guest who calling the Reston hospital belling department. I was a bet nervous to answer his entire question. Because he is an anonymous call but since he knows all of my information I told him that calls me again today. So that he can directly talk to my husband about the bills that we owe. Oh! Boy we have so many bills to pay off this year. So it means I there is no way that there is a possibility that we can travel anywhere.

There is no way that I can finish the house that I build for my father. Unless my husband can find a big contract from the client or I can earn enough money online.
I don’t have enough knowledge to find great job that will pay me enough money. So that house that I build for my father will wait until we pay off all our bills.

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