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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Treating myself to Wicked the musical

Guest post written by Carrie Gaston

There aren't many times that I do something for myself. My teenage kids and husband like to remind me of that and to just relax and enjoy life. I've always been the Type A who will work like crazy and always feel like I could be doing something else with my time. But I guess that's just the way that I am. Well, I'm taking their advice for once and bought a ticket to go and see the Broadway play Wicked with my sister.

I went online to find some good discount ticket prices for us and saw some information on miracle ear. I looked through it some and scheduled a hearing test based on that. I've thought that I might need hearing aids, so I guess that I'll find out that way.

I'm so excited to see the Wicked musical ! My sister's as busy as I am so I think that it's good we're taking a break together. There's nothing like some sisterly bonding over a great Broadway play, but I honestly think that I would have fun bonding with my sister over most anything.


JP Choudhary said...

My father and I are surprising my mother and driving her to Chicago for her 50th birthday. The surprise is that we We spent just $205 for tickets Really Do not miss it , especially with parents .. I would go again in a heart beat.

JP Choudhary said...

I too love this musical! Wicked is my fave musical ever! I just love it.. See it and LOVE it. It is very different. Stay in the center or as far into the center as you can. Even though far over wicked tickets may not be "unsighted", there is a lot going on on stage.