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Friday, March 2, 2012

Samsung galaxy

I have notice that I have so many things in my drawer so I decide to clean up this morning. And first thing got on my attention are cell phones.

When I came to the United States I have this Samsung cell phone I bought this cell phone in Malate Robinson mall in the Philippines.
This is cell phone cost 13 thousand peso. So I did not give away while I’m leaving my country. Most of my friend told me that I should give my cell phone to my father or to my sister. But since I really like this cell phone I did not give it away. I bring it with me here in the United States.
After few months here in the United States. This cell phone of mine won’t charge anymore so I look online for batters replacement. But at that time I could not find one. So my husband decided to buy another cell phone instead of me searching for a battery.
My husband bought me a new Nokia cell phone. So I have my new Nokia cell phone right. At the time Jasmine was one year and 7 months so every time I use my cell phone. She wanted to used it too so I let her used and I went to the bath room to get some tissue to wipe her nose and when I came back and ready to wipe her nose. I get shocked because she was pouring milk on my Nokia cell phone. Oh! I could not think of what to do first.
Since I have the tissue in my hand I decide to dry off my cell phone first and then run to get a towel plus tissue for my daughter nose. Since I’m only few months here in the United States and still adjusting with my husband attitude I was so nervous explaining about my cell phone that he bought.
My body was shaking while explaining my husband about what happen to my cell phone that he bought. Maybe because I know how expensive the cell phone that he bought for me and I give to a one year and 7 months old child. But as you know I was so nervous explaining about what happen to my cell phone. But my husband only said to me the remove the battery and let it set there at the top of the speaker that it. So I follow what he said to me but I still don’t know whether he is mad or something you know and after that he asked if the food is ready.
After few days he asked where I put my broken cell phone so I give it to him and he try to fix it. But un-fortunately he could not fix it. So he decides to buy another one to me and I get this Samsung brand again and I got this for almost four years now and after using for almost four years now battery won’t last so long I end up of charging almost every day even I don’t used it you know.
So last years I keep complaining about my cell phone. So my husband gives me another cell phone as a Christmas present. It’s called Samsung galaxy and I really like it because it has Wi-Fi connection and it take good pictures. So I am very satisfied of what I got on Christmas day. So what about you what you got on Christmas? I know it’s more than three months now pass by and I should not asked. But I am sure you got what you disserved.
But anyhow that is all for now happy Friday to you all.
Your friend

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