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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Toulouse Olympique

I wonder why it is so difficult to watch rugby games here in the United States. I know that there are lots of fans of the sport, but apparently it has not caught on in the same way as the other major American sports like American football, basketball and baseball. We have at least two family friends who play in amateur competitive leagues, and it is always fun to watch someone play who you know. However, I really like the action and excitement of professional rugby league games in France Rugby League 2011 squad.

Gregory White, a fullback/wing player in the France Rugby League is one who we have been following recently. He came to our attention when he played in the 2011 Championship for Toulouse Olympique, and we have followed him ever since. If you are a fan, but have yet to see him play, you can watch a France Rugby League 2011 video . He currently plays for the French Elite 1 competition in France after formerly playing in an opening friendly against the Catalan Dragons.

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