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Saturday, April 21, 2012

birth announcements

When I was a kid, I never knew that people sometimes send around formal birth announcements . Well, I guess that is probably because I grew up in a small, rural, provincial town. As family members and friends tended to live close together, most folks their never seemed to send formal announcements of any kind. Instead, they would rely on close friends and family to spread important news by word of mouth. As I grew older, and my hometown continued to grow, little seemed to change in this regard. Friends and family still tend to live pretty close together which renders formal announcements unnecessary. However, in my late teens, I moved from my home town to a much larger and cosmopolitan city, Manila. There, people tended to be more dispersed, which generally made it necessary to sometimes send formal announcements regarding important events. In my early twenties, I married and moved to the United States. Here, it is fascinating to note the general cultural differences regarding the distribution of formal birth announcements. Unlike in the Philippines, here people tend to want to announce the birth of their children to acquaintances and near strangers. This is very different from the Philippines where the announcement of births tends to always be informal and spread through word of mouth. My husband and I welcomed the birth of our fourth daughter last December. Consistent with Philippine culture, we generally spread the word through word of mouth to family and friends. Since that time, I have also inadvertently let people know about our new daughter by posting photos on Facebook. Currently, I am thinking about sending formal announcements after all. Our daughter will soon be five months old. She has taken some really nice photos over the past several months. Thus, I think it would be nice to reach out to more distant friends and family by way of a formal written announcement.

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