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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Natural tone of your lips

As a stay home mom I pretty much at home most of the time. I never go somewhere from Monday through Friday. Since I’m at home all day I don’t feel brushing my hair in the morning. When I get up I just tie up my hair and start making breakfast and work around the house, just like many mom who are staying at home you know.
Straightening hair

But this morning while I was in the bath room I look at mirror and I feel so ugly. I wonder if you notice that too. That sometimes when you look at on the mirror you look so ugly. Will anyhow this morning when I look at my face in the mirror I feel that I’m getting old I am not even 30 years old yet but I feel like I am already 50 years old. Oh! My god I said to myself. So I get the brush and start brushing my hair trying to put make up. To feel myself better.

I know I should take care of myself even I am only at home watching the kids. Its look like I forgot myself. straightening hair

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