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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Metal roofing materials

Well it’s almost a year now since the house of my father was started to build. But since my earning online goes high and low the house still not finish yet. Plus I am also helping my husband pay groceries bill. And today even I am not supposed to send money to my sister due to our financial budget. But perhaps I did it anyway you know. Because I figure that if I don’t send money to the Philippines. The building materials that they bought few months ago may got rust or damage. So I decide to send money to my oldest sister back in my home town this afternoon. That way she can pick up the money when she woke up this morning there. This time the money that I send to her she will buy roofing materials. Since I only send more than 10,000 peso I am not sure how many pieces she could buy. My father calculation budget of the roof cost like 20,000 peso. But since I cannot afford to send that amount this time I decide to send half and hopefully I can send the rest of the money next month. So that I don’t need to worry about the materials being rusted you know. I told to my sister to take picture on it so that I can see it. And she said okay but her problem is she don’t know how to upload the pictures to the internet. So hopefully she can find somebody to put the picture on facebook or send it to my email. But anyhow its 10:29 now here in the evening so let me stop her now so that I can go to bed. Until next time Peace!

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