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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Still needs more roofing materials

I grow up in small bamboo house. So when I was 6 years old I told to my mother that when I grow up I will buy or build a nice house. And that promised of mine remain until now even my mother pass away. I still trying to build the house that I promise to her. Last year I earn enough money through my blogging world to start building the house that I promise to my parents. So I decide to send money to my youngest sister since she is only the one have an ID in to get the money from Western Union. So I send money almost every month to my younger sister and when the building materials are good enough to build the house. They start building the house until the materials gone. When the materials is almost gone my sister texted me if I can send more money to buy more building materials. But unfortunately I could not send more money due that my income online goes down plus I help my husband buy groceries. Even he did not say any help from me. But since I know the situation of our financial budget I help my husband by buying groceries on my own income online. So now my wish is to earn more cash online so that I can send more money to finish the house of my father.

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